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benefits of aloe vera for skin

For centuries aloe vera has been considered a magic herb for many skin care problems. It was first used around six thousand …

meaning behind 111

If you are even remotely into numerology and astrology then you know that some numbers hold a special place in this universe. …

magnetic lashes

Right now there is an emphasis on the “no-makeup” look which is more about looking put together without having done too much …


Review: Is Maybelline Primer The Best Drugstore Primer?

One of the most crucial steps in any make-up routine is applying primer. Many people skip this step and end...
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Is E.L.F Matte Lip Color Pencil Worth Your Money?

In a world full of liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, some people still prefer lip crayons. There is just something...
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How To Easily Perfect The Best “No Makeup” Makeup Look

One look at the Instagram and you’ll see thousands of images captioned “I woke Up Like This”. Now don’t get...
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Know All About 5 Most Trendy Makeup Looks Of 2021

2021 is half gone and in the short period of six months, we have seen some of the most trendy...
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Is Focallure Staymax Liquid Lipstick Better Than NYX And Maybelline

On my website, I have extensively covered one underrated makeup brand "Focallure". I have always tried to find underrated gems...
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NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

I have always avoided purchasing a full matte foundation as I prefer a more natural-looking foundation for daily use. But...
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Beginner’s Guide to Buying Best Red Lipstick For Daily Use

The year 2021 is upon us and this myth "Red Lipstick Isn't for everyone" has no place in this time...
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Only Kohl Eyeliner Pencil You Will Ever Need

My Eyeliner Story:  Eyeliner Pencil or Kohl pencil no matter how you say is the first beauty purchase of 90%...
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Makeup Products Every Girl Should Have In Her Bag

The world of makeup is wilder than ever right now. Thousands of makeup products launch every month from drugstores to...
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Honest Review: Is Focallure Highlighter A Great Dupe For Nyx Born To Glow?

I know I know this is the fourth Focallure product review which makes it look like they have given me...
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What’s So Great About Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Moisturizer?

Finding the right moisturizer is difficult anyway but if you have tricky skin then it becomes even more of a...
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Why The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% Is Only Effective For Some People?

No other skincare brand gets such a polarizing reaction like The Ordinary. They will either have your dream product at...
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Honest Review: Is CeraVe Moisturizing Cream A Great Product?

One look at this blog and you can tell how much I enjoy reviewing skincare products. While CeraVe is a...
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4 Must-Try Korean Skincare Brands And Their Best Products

Over the years some Korean skincare brands have garnered a cult status among skincare enthusiasts. Now, we all have that...
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How To Make Stretch marks Go Away Completely?

Stretch marks are a huge concern, especially for women. The most common reason associated with Stretch marks is weight fluctuations...
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Is Lemon Good For Your Skin?

One ingredient which has always got extremely polarizing reviews is Lemon. Some people call it a miracle toner while others...
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How Great Is Aveeno Lotion For Eczema?

People with dry skin know the endless struggle of finding new products that actually work. Many lotions and serums have...
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Why Physiogel Calming Relief Lotion Is A Must Have In Winters

The Discovery: A few days later when I was online shopping I came across this Brand called Physiogel and was...
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Amazing Benefits of Using Sunblock

  Not so long ago when our purses didn’t contain these BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers, or any of...
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Skincare Tips for Summer Season

While the Summer season stands for all good things such as icecreams, rainy days, family vacations still there is one...
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Full Lace Wigs Vs Frontal Lace Wigs: Which One Is Better For A Beginner?

Long gone are the times when wigs used to look like "weird artificial mop of hair" on someone's head. Today,...
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Know The Best Tips and Tricks to Repair Damaged Hair

A good hair day is a testament to how it can boost someone's confidence. Damaged hair is not only hard...
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Top 5 Hair Styling Tools That Can Make You Look Like A Diva

No glam routine is ever complete without working some magic hair styling tools on your hair. Searching these tools on...
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Top 10 Amazing Hair Styling Tips From Celebrity Stylists

Women with curls know they are either your best friend or your worst enemy. When they are not being stubborn...
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How to Dye Your Hair Safely When You Have Sensitive Scalp

While covering grey hair is a task in its own right the difficulty level increases much more when the scalp...
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How to Manage Curly Hair

I am a curly-haired brunette and I have a confession to make, all my life I have been aspiring to...
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Coconut Oil- One Oil Many Wonders

Today we’ll talk about something that is available in most of, if not every household. Yes if you guessed it...
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Secret Hair Care Tip for Voluminous Hair

We often look for some Magic product that will do wonders for our Hair and Skin but often overlook something...
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fashion shows

Top 5 TV Shows Every Fashion Lover Should Watch

 If you are a girl who always wants to know what’s trending or what’s new in style then these are the TV shows for you to binge-watch.

makeup brushes

Top 5 Beauty Gurus on YouTube

I feel Beauty gurus are no less than a magician. The way they make someone look sultry or angelic just by using an Eyeshadow palette

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