4 Must-Try Korean Skincare Brands And Their Best Products

Korean Skincare Brands

Over the years some Korean skincare brands have garnered a cult status among skincare enthusiasts. Now, we all have that one friend who is constantly advising everyone to buy MISSHA’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. Then there’s another one who is always singing praises of COSRX. In the last few years, western brands have really been struggling to keep up with the astonishing results of Korean Brands. While many brands have become a constant in our routine there are some which we will never forgive the internet for hyping. (remember the bubble mask fiasco?) If you are a newbie and feel intimidated by all the Korean skincare brands and products you keep seeing in the recommendations. then worry not we’ll tell you which ones are the best for you as beginners.

1. Purito

Purito is an underrated brand that should be more popular than Skinfood. The brand is all about pure, natural ingredients which can be best suited for any skin type. Western skincare brands face this criticism regularly of adding too much chemical. If you are just starting to get into skincare and don’t want to add anything that isn’t natural on your face then Purito is the brand for you.

Best Product: I am an obsessive user of serum and since I have started buying Purito’s Unscented serum, it has done nothing but wonders for my skin. Applying the right kind of serum is one of the most important in your skincare routine. If you are still looking for the correct one then sure give this one a try.


COSRX is the holy grail brand of every beginner. People with acne and inflammatory skin issues should not try any other brand before trying COSRX. The best thing about COSRX is they put all their energy into the product quality. They aren’t about the gimmicky marketing techniques like flashy packaging. If you watch videos of beauty gurus like James Welsh then you’ll see that he repeatedly put COSRX moisturizer in the category of the best product.

Best Product: COSRX has that one magic product for everyone. If you want to strictly stick to the more known product then you should try their AHA/BHA toner. But if you are in the mood for a bit experiment and want a good anti-aging cream then try COSRX advanced snail cream.


MISSHA is not only a Korean skincare brand but they also have some amazing makeup products. For the longest time, K-beauty brands were only considered for their skincare products but MISSHA came and changed the game. Their foundation is one of the best foundations out there. The best thing about this brand is their makeup gives more of a natural finish. If you are someone like me who doesn’t like to go EXTRA with their makeup and prefer the natural-looking dewy glow then do give this brand a try.

Best Product: MISSHA is one of those rare brands who can have their own list of the best products. There is a reason why it is considered a fan-favorite and their wide variety of range has everything that a beginner wants. If you really just want to test the water by purchasing that one product then I’ll advise you to go for MISSHA Time Revolution Essence/Toner, if you have dry skin then this product is a must have.

4. Laneige

Laneige is one of the most popular Korean brands out there. If you are just getting started using K brands then you must give this a try. Laneige Sleeping Mask is truly a moisturizer made for everyone. Everyone can use it and they can see the difference after applying it regularly. This is the product that you should always have in your bag. From teenagers to adults everyone can use this brand and their skin will look super hydrated and healthy.

Best Product: Whenever Laneige is mentioned most people only rave about their sleeping mask and lip balm. Today, I’ll talk about their most underrated product which can make your skin brighten. Laneige Radian-C cream is ideal if you want a moisturizer that removes the dark spots and gives you that glowing skin.

There is no doubt about the fact that Korean skincare brands are here to stay. We are now totally hooked on that 9-step skincare routine and can’t go back to simpler days. As much as we would love to be handed the perfect product sometimes we will have to patiently search for the rights ones from the plethora of viral products. But knowing the end result we know the struggle will be worth that “good skin glow”.