Dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Pencil

Freedom Eyebrow Pencil
 Best Eyebrow Pencil
Today we will discuss the dupe of ”It Brand” in brow business. I have found Makeup Revolution Duo Eyebrow Pencil to be a good alternate for Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Eyebrow Pencil. The former one retails for $5 whereas the latter is $23. 23 bucks can be too much for just an eyebrow pencil for many people and it is something that will be in daily use which means you will need to spend the same amount again sooner than you think.
Best Eyebrow Pencil


It’s cute and sleek at the same time and quite good for its price. It comes in 3 shades Fair, Medium, and Dark. My match was Medium.
Best Eyebrow Pencil


It’s an eyebrow pencil with one end that has the actual tip to fill in your brows and the other end has the spoolie to shape up the eyebrows and make the product gel in. The formula is creamy and blends in easily.

Final Thoughts: 

Once filled in it does not budge for the better part of the day. This is for the ladies who still want their brows on point without spending too much money on a single product. Good Eyebrows and a Great Eyeliner what more can a girl want!


Money: 10/10

Performance: 9/10