How To Easily Perfect The Best “No Makeup” Makeup Look

no makeup makeup look

One look at the Instagram and you’ll see thousands of images captioned “I woke Up Like This”. Now don’t get fooled by the caption these people actually have done “No makeup” makeup. This makeup technique works around accentuating your features in a way that makes it hard for others to spot makeup on you. Although celebrities started the “no makeup” makeup trend, it soon became a popular choice, especially among working women.

“No makeup” makeup is all about making your skin look glowy and not heavily made-up. Raise your hand if you have always felt overwhelmed by watching all the tutorials on the no-makeup look that still require fifty makeup products and high-expertise. Today in this blog I have listed the simplest steps that can guide any beginner on how to give the “no-makeup” makeup illusion. With a few makeup products and a little practice, you can master the “got out of bed looking this good” look. If you watch a no-makeup look tutorial and everything from bronzers to eyelashes are involved then technically they aren’t teaching it right.

No makeup look is about the minimalistic effort that can instantly make a difference in your appearance. So without further ado, let’s talk about the process:

Prep Your Skin For “No Makeup” Makeup

Before applying makeup it’s always advised to have fully prepped skin. If your skin is dry or not properly cleansed then the makeup won’t look like it is supposed to, which is flawless. In “no makeup” there is not heavy color correcting or foundation involved so you need to make your skin as fresh as possible. You need to follow the three golden steps of any skincare routine and you’re good to go.


Before applying any sort of product to your face, cleanse it properly. Not cleansing properly is the fastest way to destroy your skin. If you’ll apply skincare/makeup products on your face while there is some dirt or residue in the pores then you can end up with extreme acne or other skin infections.


People often skip the step of toning while prepping their skin for makeup but it’s really essential for the no-makeup look. After cleansing, tone your face preferably with a non-alcoholic toner. It will be easy on your skin won’t strip it of its natural oil.


Using a good moisturizer is the key step. Since you won’t be using foundation for this look moisturize it so that your skin looks fully hydrated and healthy. No makeup look is all about having fresh dewy skin and it can’t be done if you won’t moisturize it properly.


Primer is that barrier that will keep your skin protected while providing a smooth base to apply the makeup on. It will help makeup products stick for a longer time. If you have oily skin and don’t want to use a lot of moisturizing products then just the primer. It will both prep your face for the makeup and hydrate it.


If you have completely blemish-free skin then you can skip this step. In the “no makeup” makeup look, concealer is used as the substitute for foundation. Instead of doing a heavy coverage, you would only cover the specific spots like prominent zits, under your brow bone, or dark circles. You can also apply a bit of concealer on your eyes to make them appear more bright but don’t overdo it.


Nothing fixes the geometry of your face like a pair of well-done thick eyebrows. Fill the gaps with a good eyebrow pencil with light hands. Remember the main thing is to make it appear more natural. For this reason, avoid using heavy gel-based eyebrow products.


The dewiness which is a must in the “no makeup” makeup look comes from using the right liquid highlighter. Take a little amount of the liquid highlighter and apply it to the highest point of your cheekbones. This will instantly give your face a lift and will make your face appear more radiant.


To give that natural-looking blush on your cheek, apply a liquid blush. Some people don’t like to use blush so they can skip this step, if you only want to work on sharpening your features then you can use a bit of bronzer. I would personally recommend using blush instead of bronzer as it will make your skin appear more fresh and healthy.

Lip Tint

It’s time to ditch your matte lipsticks for a more subtle lip tint. Lip tints and pink-colored lip glosses are your best bet for this look. It will keep the theme of fresh and dewy alive. Basically, anything matte is prohibited in the “no makeup” makeup look. Choose cherry shades for the perfect lip tint that will compliment your whole makeup.