How Can Introverts Make Their Communication Skills Good?

communication skills good

Do you also think about perfect comebacks and great one-liners about the interaction you had months ago, that too when you are trying to fall asleep? Well then, my friend you might be an introvert. There are a lot of quizzes available on the internet to determine whether you are an extrovert or introvert but deep down we all know what we are. In fact, most of you who think they are introverts can actually be “ambiverts”. Introverts are often accused of not having good communication skills which aren’t entirely true. They aren’t bad communicators they are just usually more expressive in the company of their preference. However, when put in a social setting they prefer being reclusive.

How To Improve Communication Skills?

One thing introverts need to understand is that communication is the key. This isn’t something that they can completely avoid. It is a necessity to live a happy fulfilling life. The problem with introverts is that so much goes on in their pretty little brain but they just prefer not to say it out loud. This often gives the other impression that they are a bit uptight and serious. This judgment couldn’t have been more off in most cases. To help you articulate your thoughts better I have listed 4 things introverts should do to make their communication skills good

1. Practice Dialogues In Front Of Mirrors

Now hear me out, I know this is an actor’s trick but trust me it works wonders for anyone who isn’t comfortable about being in the spotlight. Dialogues are just a start for introverts to work on their body language. It will also bring confidence in their voice which is usually missing when they have to answer in front of a big crowd. Once you get the right amount of confidence then you can practice with whatever is your situation in your real life. If you are a student it could be giving a presentation, or maybe asking out that special one.

2. Try Selective Speaking

No introvert can change his/her habits in just one day. It will take time but you need to take baby steps to get out of your comfort zone. This step is called selective speaking. Whenever you are sitting in a group discussion try to participate at least 2 or 3 times. If you will make up your mind then you will find the right window to jump into the discussion. Introverts have great observation skills, this will be the time to use your superpower. If you won’t speak at all then others will take you as the uninterested one and that could harm your image, especially in front of authorities like teachers or bosses.

3. Avoid Overthinking

For an introvert, the biggest problem is overthinking. They often keep thinking about a situation till they deduce, “I Better Not Do This Or Say This”. Many a time they just don’t say anything because they think it doesn’t carry any weight. This mindset is not right, it will only make a person more isolated in the future. Just thinking about a friend is not enough you have to meet them and keep the friendship bond strong. Like that thinking about a fantastic idea is not enough you have to present it in front of the right people to get ahead in your career. Figure out your overthinking patterns and start working on them.

4. Watch Videos Of Good Communicators

The media industry is filled with people who are excellent communicators. One cannot be facing the camera and capture the attention of millions of people without having superlative communication skills. If you don’t know where to start then watch videos of personalities like Oprah, Trevor Noah, and Graham Norton. I have only named a few you can obviously go ahead and watch any one of your favorite hosts or celebrities. This will give you an insight into how to keep a conversation going with someone. Also, closely observe how different everyone’s communication style is. Oprah usually talks in a more in-depth manner, Trevor oozes charisma and is always up-to-date on any topic, and Graham is the best to learn how to keep a chat fun and light-hearted.

Why Is Communication Important?

Communication is extremely important to go further in life. From asking a person out to negotiating with a client, everything is based around it. If you won’t work on making your communication skills good then you’d be losing a lot of opportunities, both personal and professional. In every job interview, there will be at least one question about communication skills. Whether you have people skills or not, this could be a deciding factor in you being hired. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends. Also, check out other amazing articles on this blog.