How To Be Fashionable On A Low Budget

woman looking fashionable on a low budget

Deciding how to dress up daily is fun for some while others just end up wearing whatever they could get their hands on. This practice of wearing whatever clothes can make your daily look repetitive and often not very impressive. Now I know you must be thinking not everyone has the resources to look like a fashionista. It is understandable that not everyone has that money and enthusiasm early in the morning but don’t forget the creativity. With some mix and match, you can look fashionable on a low budget.

Being a little creative with your outfit can save you lots of money. It makes you stand out in the room obsessed with runway looks. While everyone is busy finding the dress that Bella Hadid wore you can create your own individual style, that too on a low budget. There are a few quick ways that can turn your daily boring outfit into a chic fashion look. Let’s take a look below what do you need to get that Oomph factor.

Traditional Jewelry

If you want to look fashionable on a budget traditional silver jewelry is your best bet. All you need to do is choose one accessory preferably a choker or earrings (bracelets or rings works too) and pair them with your outfit of the day. If you are South Asian then there is a high chance you own tons of traditional jewelry and if you don’t then fret not they are easily available everywhere.

If you pair this jewelry with ethnic outfits then it will complete your Eastern beauty look but pair them with a western outfit to create a more exotic look. This will make you look so trendy and that too on such a reasonable budget.


One thing that many people overlook as an accessory can be exactly what your outfit lacks “A Scarf”. Scarves have the ability to turn any regular clothes into a chic outfit. They are available in such a wide variety. You can always choose what goes with your outfit the best. The one in pastel colors can make your outfit look elegant while the one with loud colors can add that x-factor that was missing in your whole look. The best thing about them is they can go with any outfit be it a floral dress or a pantsuit. I would say a scarf is a must for your look good on a budget list.


If you grew up watching Gossip Girl then you know the significance of a headband. In all the six seasons of GG Queen Blair Waldorf has shown how to wear them in every possible way. Headbands instantly bring that old school charm to your look which is hard to find otherwise. Once you go into the market you will find such a wide range to choose from. The headbands have so many different styles Embellished Headbands, Velvet Headband, Knitted Winter Headbands, Bowknot Headband, Turban Headband, The Alice Headband, The Polka Dot Headband, Glitter/ Sequins Headband, and many more. Now you can also dress like the Queen B of highschool by adding just one accessory into your outfit.

Ethnic Handbags

If wearing a scarf is not your cup of tea then you can also choose handbags. They can also take your look to a whole new level. Handbags serve two main purposes one they help you carry stuff and second they elevate your look. Handbags with ethnic designs can help you get that fresh bohemian look without putting in too much effort. They can be another way to show your artistic expression, make them a part of your personal style.


Another fashion accessory that also doesn’t get its due which it comes to chic looking wardrobe is “Blazer”. Recently with the rise in women wearing pantsuits blazers are coming into the limelight. Now you must be thinking how can they be used in a daily fashion look. Don’t go for the classic white and black blazer choose a more funky one, be it a little embellished or embroidered. Now wear that over plain jeans and a simple white tee, even pair it with your summer dress.

Statement Belts

For years belts have only been conditioned with jeans but not anymore. Today so many outfit inspiration boards show how belts can be a unique addition to make any outfit look on point. Not only does it look stylish it also provides a great shape of the dress. It doesn’t make them look loose or baggy in fact quite the contrary it makes them look smart and stylish.

Final Thoughts

Fashion doesn’t always have to break your bank. You can look fashionable on a low budget It’s all about creativity and how well you are able to dress. You can choose which tip works best for you and incorporate it into your daily style. Learning what looks best on you will also make you love yourself. So always be easy on yourself and learn to love yourself.

I hope you liked this article and please do let me know in the comments below what is your trick to look fashionable on a low budget. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and read more such fun articles on this blog.