How to look good in zoom meetings

look good for zoom meeting

Zoom Meetings have become the new normal in this pandemic. Work from home is easily being predicted as the future routine. Many people who were just stuck in their routine of working from their cabin silently are now supposed to participate actively in video conferences. Now many of you may be wondering how to look good in zoom meetings? Don’t worry I got you!

Looking proper every day is a skill many corporate people have mastered but being camera-ready is another game altogether. It is easier to put on a front in real life than on camera. The camera captures your emotions honestly. If you are feeling good it will be reflected in your personality also if you are feeling self-conscious it won’t go unnoticed.

Get Ready Like The Star That You Are

Getting ready for the camera is a little different which many of you might just be discovering. From clothes to makeup everything appears differently on camera than it looks in real life. There are a few tips that can help you look good in zoom meetings without even putting much effort. Let’s break down all the components which can make you look stunning if done rightly:


Many stylists have shared their do’s and don’ts for a video call look. The great thing is you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to look good in zoom meetings. A few tips will help you ace that looks:

1. Clothes with too much texture, colors, and patterns are a big no.

2. Simple and plainclothes with neutral pastel tones are your best bet. They can make you look stylish and chic.

3. Pair them either with an elegant necklace or statement earrings. Just like clothes use a minimal approach with accessories too.


Always remember makeup for the camera is done a little differently. For looking fresh on a video call never do loud makeup especially heavy eye makeup. Also, avoid full-fledged baking and contouring.

1. Your face should look glowing and luminous go for a little dewy foundation.

2. Apply neutral shades on your eyelid and lots of mascara so they can look much wide and defined.

3. Lipsticks are the most essential makeup product to look zoom ready. Your best bet would be a bright red lipstick. If you aren’t a red lipstick person then go with any darker shade of pink just say away from nude shades.

Know Your Angles

Nobody likes looking up another person’s nose or looking down at their unchanged sweatpants. Also, you immediately lose marks if you are not seated at an appropriate distance.

1. it at a proper distance from your camera.

2. Many people are seated either too close to the camera or too far. Make sure you aren’t one of them.

 3. Adjust your camera on a slightly upper level so your face appears more chiseled in the video conference.

Technical Check is Mandatory

Don’t be that person who joins the meeting at the last moment. Technical check is something which many people don’t take seriously only to be appear confused and embarrassed later.

1. Always check your camera angles.

2. Make sure your microphone is working. Also when it’s not your turn to speak then turn it off so there is no unwanted noise others could hear.

3. Check all the other necessary apps which will be used later. It will make you appear more calm and confident. Remember confidence always looks good on the camera!

Wonders of Lighting

Lighting is the crucial component of looking good on camera. No matter how gorgeous you look if the look ain’t right then you will just appear funny in the photograph. Always check the below-mentioned points to have perfect lighting.

1. Ty your best to sit in front of a window with light coming directly at you. Nothing beats natural lighting it will automatically make you look good.

2. Make sure the source of light is always in front of you not behind you. Otherwise, you will appear to be a shadow.

3. Mood lighting can also look good if done properly. If you use lamps then keep your place well lit.

Setting Is Important

This is a big factor that can make or break your impression. You may not be able to see what’s behind you but other people can. If there is a pile of clothes or unwashed utensils right behind you chances are it’s proving to be an eyesore for your colleagues. There are some steps which you can take to make sure you don’t get embarrassed later:

1. Firstly as your mom would have said “Clean Your Room” or in this case at least that part of the room which others can see.

2. Then if possible add a little background décor with some plants or wall hangings so it looks like a nice view.

3. Keep the décor simple and minimal. Don’t go nuts with the neon color paintings.

Practice With a Friend

Don’t try to figure it all out during the zoom call. Call a friend for a mock meeting and have everything assessed from an employer’s point of view. Ask them the following questions:

1. How well are you dressed for a professional?

2. How does the background look?

3. Can they hear you properly?

4. Is the lighting alright or are they talking to a shadow?

Take notes of all the mentioned points and you will stun your boss with your charm and confidence. You always look good when you are confident. Tell me in the comments below how do you make sure you look good in Zoom Meetings.