Top 5 best affordable skincare brands We Love

best affordable skincare brands

One look at Instagram and it seems that everyone has become a skincare junkie. It is hard to believe that there was ever a time when we only used to have two products; sunscreen and night cream. Now one look inside my purse will tell you where a large portion of my income goes. If you are just starting your journey of creating a perfect skincare routine with all the right products then hear us out first. We’ll be honest with you there is no such thing as one perfect product that works for everyone. There will be trial and error along the way but the journey will be so worth it when you’ll notice the improvement in your skin condition.

You shouldn’t only invest in skincare if you have a major or minor skin disorder like eczema or psoriasis. In current times there is so much pollution that can make you dull and dry even in the prime of your youth. Having a good skincare routine will make sure that your skin is fully hydrated and protected.

While researching all the best affordable skincare brands don’t get intimidated by the variety in front of you. Korean skincare is a lot more daunting once you go there so we’ll advise you to not start with it. First, try out the most loved skincare brands that have been around for decades and have gained a reputable name in the beauty industry.

1. Aveeno

Have you ever wondered what moisturizer does Jennifer Anniston uses? Well, the answer is here. It’s Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion. She has been the brand ambassador of Aveeno for more than two decades and swears by their products. Now you may say that she’s paid to promote them but it’s Jen that we are talking about. She wouldn’t have been promoting it for two decades if she didn’t believe in it. If you have serious skin issues then you should check their Aveeno Dermaxa skincare line that is all about making your skin blemish-free.

2. Physiogel

Physiogel is one of the best affordable skincare brands if your prerequisites are affordable and effective. It is a Sweden-based company and if you are someone who thinks CeraVe is an expensive brand then Physiogel is your best alternative. They have an impressive product range but two of their best-sellers are Daily Moisture Therapy and Eczema special Calming Al Relief. On this blog, we have written detailed reviews of these two lotions and their products have always delivered amazing results. Now we’ll be honest with you that the packaging isn’t great. We mean it, it’s not fancy at all but we’d rather buy a less fancy-looking cream that works than something that only looks cute but doesn’t work.

3. CeraVe

CeraVe is the go-to brand if you want to find a cream or lotion for a certain skin disorder. They have the most top-notch creams for aging issues. You can find a product for anything. Dark spots are a tough beast to beat once they start appearing. There are hundreds of cream that makes a false promise to the customer about eliminating it completely. CeraVe’s evening cream really delivers where others fail. With the power of niacinamide, three ceramides, and hyaluronic acid their PM cream makes sure to get those spots away from your beautiful face.

4. Cetaphil

Cetaphil is a brand similar to CeraVe. You can say that there’s always a silent competition going on in these two brands. This is your brand if you want products that work in correcting your skin. It won’t give you that short-lived glow that many others brand promise but these brand works in building a strong foundation. Cetaphil products will work on protecting your skin and keeping it healthy.

5. The Ordinary

The Ordinary is that brand that is only helpful for you if you know exactly what you are looking for. You absolutely cannot do any experiments with The Ordinary. One look at their products and you can see how specific their formulas are and they will only work if your dermatologist has recommended them.

Fret not, if you have not consulted a specialist you can just go on their website and chat with their staff. They are also there to guide you to the right product. However, there are a few products that aren’t meant to be for just exclusive purposes. You can check out their clay masks and Vitamin C serums if you want something that can be used in the routine.

Keep in mind that everyone chooses a product according to their own set criteria. It could be money, a certain ingredient, ethos, or something else. Before starting your research you need to set your own criteria. That will also help in limiting your search and will give you more relevant choices. Since the beauty industry is always coming up with new trends that don’t mean you have to follow them all. If you don’t want to try some glitter or bubble mask that’s totally fine. In some cases, it’s better to stick to the best affordable skincare brands that have been working wonders for you instead of what others are doing.