Top 5 Underrated Ariana Grande Songs

Ariana Grande underrated songs

When it comes to Pop Music Ariana Grande has been unstoppable for the last 4 years. Recently she created history with Billboard Hot 100 having two songs at no 1 spot simultaneously. While many people have already heard her biggest chartbusters, the diva has some hidden gems that might be worth a listen. The Top 5 underrated Ariana Grande songs that I will mention below are personally my most favorite songs of hers.

5. Be Alright

No other song has the best combination of deepness and a playful vibe like this one. This song captures the best element of Ariana’s voice. If you are one of those who might not be a fan of her high-pitched voice then do listen to this one and get ready to become an Arianator.

4. Forever Boy

This is such a feel good song. It’s the perfect jamming song with your friends. This song is for you if you prefer not highly instrumental or EDM songs because in this song only a guitar and Ariana’s soulful voice is required to take you on a journey.

3. Greedy

I don’t think Ariana has sung such a fun song after this one. It’s a song that will make you start singing along without you even realizing it. The only thing better than this song is its remix by Bndlss.

2. Bad Decisions

There’s a line in the song ” ain’t you never seen a princess be a bad b*tch” ,  this shouldn’t just be a Hit it should have been ICONIC.

1. Quit

Imagine Sia and Ariana collaborating and now you think the song they make will be nothing short of a blessing to your ears. That’s exactly what this song is. It’s a Blessing and how it didn’t become HUGE is just beyond me. 

 Honorable Mentions:

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