Don’t Waste Your Wealth on these Useless Beauty Products

Raise your hand if you have also purchased a trending beauty product that turned out to be completely useless. If you think you have not bought a useless beauty product ever just wait till you see the list. Then you will identify with some of the products:

Why Useless Beauty Products go viral

Some beauty companies are churning out the products only as a quick cash grab. They don’t serve the intended purpose nor do they add any value to your makeup or skincare routine. You just see all the influencers swearing by it and then go straight to purchase it. Today we will discuss such useless beauty products that you really don’t need to buy in 2021.

Sheet Mask

In the past few years, the Korean skincare range has revolutionized how we take care of our skin. Earlier only two brands were famous that too for their anti-aging creams. But Korean skincare actually told us how to look after our skin for the long haul.

One such product that gained immense popularity is Sheet Mask. It became viral to get an instant facial glow which lasts only for less than two hours. It’s basically tissue soaked in serum or toner and is extremely expensive for the value it provides. You can have that glow with your regular toner and cotton too.

Face Rollers

A lot of skincare products use instant facial as their unique selling point which is utter nonsense. Sheet masks were also marketed the same way and we know how short-lived that glow is.

Face rollers are also the same except it is literally the replacement of your fingers. It is said to increase the blood flow in your face which keeps it youthful. You can also massage your face while doing a deep cleanse and it can do the same thing.

Anti-Aging Shampoo

Even good anti-aging creams can only help to a certain text in keeping your skin youthful. They can make it look moisturized and hydrated which can give the illusion of glowing skin.

But then there are some people who are investing in anti-aging shampoo which literally does nothing to combat aging. A good shampoo can only clean your hair, make them look smooth, and minimize hair fall. You need to stop wasting your money if you are buying anti-aging shampoo.

Lip Scrub

I even don’t usually recommend face scrub as it does more harm than good. Putting Aztec Clay on will take that dead skin off without being harsh on your skin, which is precisely what scrubs do. But lip scrub is one product that is only made to make some quick bucks.

You can mix honey and sugar on a spoon together and use that as a quick scrub. In this case, you also know the ingredients aren’t harsh chemicals hurting the sensitive skin of your lips.

CC cream and DD cream

BB cream is ideal for those who don’t want to apply full-fledged foundation on their face every day hence they choose a lighter product. They are perfect for everyday wear and doesn’t clog your pores like a foundation would do.

But then the companies wanted to earn more and they launched the CC cream and DD cream. It’s literally the same product in different packaging. It’s not even an upgrade of the BB cream and is definitely not something your hard-earned money should be spent on.

Face Oils

It is a well-known fact that too many skincare products do more harm than good. It makes your skin lazy by always having it moisturized. This results in your skin stay more dry and sensitive without these products.

Face oils are also no exception to this rule. In fact, using too many face oils can cause acne which is the opposite of what a skincare product should do. Also having gold in it doesn’t make it better, it only makes your skin supersensitive over time.

Eye Creams and Night Creams

For years skincare brands have expanded their skincare range by adding these two “must-have essentials”. It has been proven tie and time again that eye cream does nothing to stop the crow feet from appearing around your eyes.

Just like eye cream another useless beauty product is night cream. There is also no magic potion added in night cream which makes it drastically different than the day cream. Only invest in a good anti-aging cream that moisturizes your skin and keeps it fresh.

Makeup Wipes

You all know the importance of taking the makeup off completely before going to bed, this is how your skin looks fresh. But there is no reason you can only do that with a makeup wipe.

Makeup wipe is another version of the sheet mask and an absolutely unnecessary product sold in the name of luxury. This is also something that a cotton pad and cleanser can also do. Heck, they can even do a better job at actually wiping it all off and not just only off the surface.


Don’t jump on the bandwagon without weighing the pros and cons of the products. You may not be able to decipher the quality of each product, so keep reading this blog for honest reviews. I only want you to buy products that can add value to your beauty routine.

Hello readers! If you liked reading this tell me which useless beauty products are you guilty of purchasing in the comments below. Share it so others can also stop purchasing the products they don’t need. Also, read which products you should always have in your makeup bag.