What Are Beauty Marks And Do They Mean Anything?

what are beauty marks

The one mole which is most prominent on a person’s face is called a beauty mark. To further explain it beauty marks are black/brown moles that are located slightly above the skin. Celebrities like 90s supermodel Cindy Crawford and Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe have made these prominent facial moles so popular that people now draw them on with dark pencils.

What’s the difference between a mole and a beauty mark?

Have you ever wondered what exactly are beauty marks? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it is a made-up term. If a mole is on a face then people tend to think that it’s a beauty mark, and if it is anywhere else then it’s just a mole. The majority of the population has them when in the first five years of their lives. Typically all the moles appear on a person by the time they reach adulthood.

Cleveland Clinic has further divided moles into two main types; Congenital nevi and dysplastic nevi.

Congenital Nevi: Every one out of 100 people has this mole. It is prominent right from the time of birth and later gets developed into melanoma.

Dysplastic Nevi: These types of moles are mostly hereditary and are much bigger in size. It’s important to keep an eye on these kinds of moles, any irregularity in size and shape should not be ignored.

Are Beauty Marks Dangerous?

Beauty marks are moles and any irregular mole is dangerous. There are always things to check to see if a mole is abnormal.

  • Keep a close eye on the color of your mole
  • Check the symmetry and size of the mole
  • See if the borders of the moles are blurred or uneven
  • If the mole is slightly above the skin then notice if it’s elevating any further

In addition to these symptoms if the mole bleeds or pains then immediately consult the dermatologist to see what’s wrong.

What do beauty marks indicate?

In many cultures, beauty marks are of high significance. People think that the placement of the mark can tell a lot about a person’s traits and his or her destiny. A black mole above the lip is often co-related with beauty and glamour. A mole on the nose is also decoded as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Not all the placements signify something good. Some are said to be about the downfall, poverty, and other tragedies. However, these readings are not 100% accurate, and not most people think of beauty marks as something serious.

How to fake a beauty mark?

For some people, the term “beauty mark” is so intriguing that they really think they are missing out on something by not having them. They often look at these pretty moles on beautiful celebrities like Eva Mendes and Elizabeth Taylor then imagine having one on their face too. Lucky for those people because beauty marks aren’t difficult to fake. You can easily make one with a black or dark brown lip/eye pencil. Just dot it on your face where you’d like it, most desired positions are either above the lip or on the cheek.