Top 5 90s Fashion Trends That Are Popular Again

90s fashion trends

History repeats itself, well so do 90s fashion trends. In pop culture the significance of the 90s is undeniable. That era gave us some major fashion hits and misses. Even those kids who weren’t born in the last decade of the 1900s dress up like that to post retro-inspired pictures. That decade had such a vibrant fashion scene that even today some of the vintage trends can still be spotted on the biggest fashion runways.

1. Minimalist Jewelry Is Back

One of the best 90s fashion trends was simple and elegant jewelry. Then came the 2000s and simple earrings became big hoops, chains became bigger and chunkier, and delicate bracelets got replaced with statement bangles. Thankfully the 2020s are again going to the minimalist route.

Plain silver and gold jewelry are being used by celebrities to only enhance their look a little bit. Don’t invest in big statement necklaces and earrings that you won’t be able to pair with multiple outfits, buy those pieces that you will get the most use out of. Even the chicest of the A-Listers are wearing small plain hoops with a simple chain, this look is great that no matter your gender or occupation you can easily rock this minimalistic look.

2. Crop Tops Aren’t Outrageous Anymore

Those women who were young in the 90s still have a picture in crop tops and low-waist jeans as a souvenir of their wild youth. Crop tops with low-rise shorts or jeans were one of the edgiest looks of that decade. Then Christina Aguilera came and made it even more scandalous. For some people that was too much and after that the trend started dying down. Now in the 2020s, as high-waisted jeans are all the rage, crop tops have also found redemption. Now they can be easily worn without judgemental looks.

3. Mom Jeans Are A Must-Have For Good Aesthetics

In most 80s and 90s sitcoms, you can spot the character of a middle-aged woman who’s only wearing mom jeans throughout the show. The difference is at that time only the “uncool” characters used to wear it but today this is the go-to look of many supermodels. From Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid, many supermodels have been clicked wearing baggy jeans and they make it look super cool.

Not only celebrities, but baggy jeans also got the approval of the Insta/Pinterest aesthetic influencers. They usually pair it with a shirt that has some vintage picture and their retro look is completed.

4. Neon Colors Add To The Vibe

It was extremely easy to spot the funny character in the 90s TV shows. You only had to look for the guy or girl who wore the ugliest neon-colored clothes. Well, the tables have turned, now the cool kids wear purple with yellow and bright pink with green. Not only in dresses, but neon eyeliners are also pretty big at the moment. Ditch your classic black eyeliner for a while and experiment with all the pretty colors. See around and you’ll find those who prefer a simpler attire still add that neon pop color by wearing some funky shoes.

5. Brown Lips Look Sophisticated

Rustic tone matte lipsticks were the go-to lip color in the 90s. Rachel Greene, the 90s biggest fashion icon is mostly wearing brown lipstick in all the ten seasons of Friends. Then in the 2000s, matte took a backseat and everything became glossy. After gloss, the pink shade lipsticks reigned in the 2010s but now thanks to Kardashians, rustic tones are back in demand. Now you won’t find many celebrities wearing pink lipstick, their makeup looks are only completed with a brown-toned lip shade.

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