Ariul Smooth & Pure Cleansing Foam Review

Ariul Cleansing Foam Face Wash Review

If the packaging of the product is memorable you are bound to buy that product sooner or later. At least that’s what happened with me and Ariul Smooth & Pure Cleansing Foam.

What Is Ariul?

Ariul is one of the more affordable South Korean skincare and beauty brand. They are known for creating products that emphasize natural ingredients and gentle formulations to promote healthy skin. The brand focuses on providing effective solutions for various skin concerns while maintaining a commitment to using safe and beneficial ingredients.

What Is Ariul Cleansing Foam Face Wash?

Ariul Cleansing Foam follows the innovative concept of 3-STEP Skin-Purifying Cleansing, this product excels at deeply purifying pores and simultaneously soothing the skin from the onslaught of micro-dust particles.

The three meticulously crafted steps are as follows:

Purification: A blend of intricate ingredients, fortified by oxygenated water, synergistically works to ensure a thorough cleanse, leaving the skin visibly refreshed and purified.

Moisturizing: Harnessing the power of moisture-retaining components, this formulation ensures the skin remains adequately hydrated, granting a dewy and pleasantly comfortable sensation post-cleansing.

Soothing Care: Infused with a potent infusion of vitamins, this cleanser not only enhances skin radiance but also revitalizes and calms the complexion, providing a rejuvenating experience.

Ariul Cleansing Foam Review

Application: Squeeze a small amount of the Ariul Cleansing Foam onto your fingertips or palm. You typically only need a pea-sized amount. Gently rub your hands together to create a rich lather with the cleansing foam. This helps to activate the ingredients and ensures an even application. Apply the foam to your damp face using circular, upward motions. Continue massaging the foam into your skin for about 1-2 minutes and then rinse it off.

Scent: It has a strong lemon-like scent. The scent can even be mistaken for a lemon liquid dishwashing soap. It didn’t bother me much but I know some people won’t like it.

Packaging: As I stated earlier, I love the packaging of this whole Ariul Stress Relieving Line. With bold neon and blue packaging, it looks playful and quirky. It could have easily looked tacky but thankfully didn’t. In fact, all Ariul products have top-notch designs. Due to their packaging, I will try their sheet masks too!

Design: The cleansing foam comes in two sizes 50 ml and 100 ml. I bought the 100 ml one it has a flip-flop cap. The tube came sealed and I had to take it off so it is always a nice hygiene measure. For the 50 ml one you have to take the cap off and then squeeze, personally, I find it a bit bothersome for a face wash.

Texture: It is a white cream that starts foaming as soon as you start massaging. The foams are of the perfect quantity not too much nor too less.

Result of Ariul Cleansing Foam Face Wash

I used a foam face wash after a while but it really felt so good. I first used it on completely bare skin which was just a little sweaty. After rinsing I felt my skin was totally cleaned and didn’t feel tight at all. However, when I used it with light makeup on I had to wash my face twice to get the product completely off. However, the good thing is that the face wash has moisturizing natural ingredients which don’t dry out your skin even if washed twice.

At first, when I got the product out the lime scent came out rather strong. I don’t know if it’s only me but when I smell lime or lemon scent in any product skincare, I get afraid of getting the stingy feeling. When I applied the product I even kept it on for a few minutes to test if there will be some uncomfortable sensation. But I am glad to report nothing of this sort happened. Even after washing the face, there was no irritation.

Final Thoughts

Before buying Ariul products myself, I hadn’t seen many reviews about their product. Even if they aren’t that famous yet, I am glad the product quality is good. The Ariul Foam cleanser doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oil and also keeps it moisturized. It might have to do with the fact that it isn’t made of an infinite number of ingredients. I like that it is made of only a handful of ingredients that are all natural. It means your skin won’t bear the brunt of harsh chemicals every day from this cleanser.

Now let’s take a look at some quick pros and cons:


Very affordable

Cute packaging

Nice product quantity

All natural ingredients even in fragrance

Gentle enough for everyday use

Free of sulfates, mineral oil, and artificial color


Won’t work for acne

The lime smell is really strong

People who have extreme skin conditions might not get a lot of benefit from it but if you have normal combination skin, it is a good everyday cleanser. A gel cleanser might be a more better fit for you, read my review of Simple Gel Cleanser.