Honest Review: Is Focallure Highlighter A Great Dupe For Nyx Born To Glow?

Focallure Makeup Products

I know I know this is the fourth Focallure product review which makes it look like they have given me these products but trust me I have purchased all these from my own pocket as I wanted to review a brand that is not in the big leagues like MAC, NYX or even Maybelline.
I know this my last product review of the Focallure brand series but ironically this was the first product of theirs that I ever bought. Liquid Highlighters are ruling the makeup chart for these past few years and I was eager to try one. I tried NYX Born to glow SunBeam mixed it in my BB cream and Voila!! 1000 watts glow but I needed a pinkish tone one and I was just not finding the right shade until I came across FOCALLURE YOU GLOW ILLUMINATOR

Focallure Glow Highlighter

If you think NYX Born to Glow is a fantastic dupe for many high-end brand highlighters e.g MAC strobe cream then you need to check out Focallure YOU GLOW ILLUMINATORS. They are even a much cheaper dupe than that of Born to Glow.

What does It claim?

Enrich your lovely features with a touch of FOCALLURE cosmetics’ liquid illuminator. A light application will give your skin that luminous and healthy goddess glow. Creates a sheer illuminating glow on face and body.

Packaging Of Focallure Highlighter:

As I have raved about their packaging before this one is also no exception. Focallure highlighter also comes in a black matte box that says FACE on it and 02 GLEAM at the end. The tube is as similar to NYX Born to Glow as it can get. The quality of the packaging is surely impressive at such a small price.


As it’s quite obvious from the name it is Liquid Illuminator but unlike many other highlighters has a problem with being too runny this one is just the right amount of liquid. Only a small amount can give you that GLOW like within look.

Pros of Focallure Highlighter:

To sum up the entire review below I will list all the cons of this FOCALLURE GLOW ILLUMINATOR review.

  • Easy on pocket
  • Quality is the best you can get at this price
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Doesn’t patch
  • Doesn’t transfer, stays where you apply it


  • You don’t have as many choices as you have with other drugstore brands.

With that, I am concluding my One Brand series. Thanks to all my readers who gave such a positive response and also some other brand names to try next, I will check them out and if they hold up will feature them in my one brand series. Until then keep reading my other fun articles. Love all.