What Is Your Victoria’s Secret Perfume Personality?

Victoria's Secret Perfume

I don’t care what anyone says but a good perfume scent is the biggest turn on for me. Most of us own at least three to four perfumes, usually, we associate each bottle with a certain occasion but there’s always that one perfume that we always keep in our bag. It’s that scent that resonates with us the most and that my beautiful readers are our personality scent. Now we will mix and match our few traits with a perfume that can identify with that personality.

  • Fantasy Floral

You are one of those happy and positive people that we all want in our lives. Floral is a scent that exudes femininity, sensitivity, delicacy, and most of all romance. If you are that girl who still is sensitive when it comes to others, shed a tear or two at the end of a romantic movie, still likes a good old fashioned romantic novel, and even imagine one for herself for that matter (C’mon we all have done it) then your signature scent is So In Love Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret.

  • Funky Fruity

You are one of those who like to put funk into everything. You are that friend in every group who comes up with the wildest idea and somehow convinces the rest of the group that it’s a great one which in the end turns out to be disastrous but gives you the memory of a lifetime. Despite all the trouble that you cause us we still can’t imagine a life without you and your legendary antiques. The scent that resonates with Fruity personality the most is Bombshell Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret.

  •  Beachy Baby

Now where my beach babies at? This personality is a mix of above mentioned two personalities. Your ideas are fun but not as wild as fruity ones and you have a much deeper sense of romance than the floral ones. Just like the ocean tells a different story every time you go to the beach, in the daytime, it will look more daring and playful but in the nighttime, it will look more sensual and serene this is how these people are and their signature scent is  Heavenly Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret.

  •  Mighty Musk

You are one of those no-nonsense straight shooters who know what they want in life. Your motto is ” Life is a game and I play to win it”. Just like your clothes are meant to take your personality up a notch so does your perfume. You like a fine perfume that goes well with your attitude and makes you irresistible than you already think you are. To take your sensuality to another level Victoria’s Secret got a perfume for you Very Sexy Eau de Parfum.

  • Wonder Woody

Where my Oud wood lovers at? So if you have ever been to UAE you are most definitely familiar with this exotic scent. If you like leathery or dry scents then you are the one who is so complex yet so mysterious that people just draw towards you. People want to know about you and some of them might not say it but they also want to be like you. You demand to be paid attention to when you speak and you certainly blessed with great leadership skills. This personality’s scent is Victoria’s Secret Seduction Dark Orchid Eau De Parfum.

 Hello Lovely Readers! Hope you like this post and do let me in the comments below that what is your fragrance personality. Also, read more fun articles, you might end up discovering an underrated gem. This article was just a fun way to match personality with a scent you might fit into more than one category means you like to mix and match and if you don’t find any category relatable don’t worry there are thousands of personality types and millions of perfume, we’ll find what works for you. XoXo