Is Focallure Staymax Liquid Lipstick Better Than NYX And Maybelline

focallure staymax liquid lipstick

On my website, I have extensively covered one underrated makeup brand “Focallure“. I have always tried to find underrated gems for reviews as big brands already get enough coverage. Focallure is slowly becoming to Asians what NYX or Maybelline is to Americans, a good alternative for high-end brands. The best thing about them is they are a cruelty-free makeup brand. I got really excited when I read Focallure is also launching their liquid lipsticks. They have made sure the formula is not drying which is the main issue with liquid lipsticks. So I wasted no time and quickly bought two beautiful shades. Now I will talk in detail about their newly launched Focallure Staymax Liquid Lipsticks (Matte), is it a hit or a miss because even big brands struggle with creating a perfect matte formula.

Let’s Start With A Little Intro

Focallure is an Asian brand and in the past two years, it has become a household name in many Southeast Asian countries. Their product quality and economic prices are the main reason behind their growing popularity. I first bought their Skin Evolution Foundation and then after trying multiple products from the brand I can safely say I am now one of their regular customers. Before Staymax they had released another range of liquid lipsticks but it was not a good experience. The best thing about Focallure is they heard the criticism and came with a better line which is now known as the “Focallure Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick”. They created Focallure Staymax Liquid Lipstick especially keeping the extremely dry weather of Asian countries in mind.

What does it claim?

It has an ultra-matte finish but non-dry. It stays long with extremely pigmented in buildable and water-proof wear. Focallure StayMax Liquid Lipsticks moisturize and nourish your lip with jojoba seed oil, carrot extract, and vitamin E. Now it has a Built-in curved applicator which gives more precision while applying. They are available in 8 beautiful shades and their names are inspired by beautiful islands from around the world.

focallure staymax liquid lipsticks
credit: stylerants


APPLICATION: The lipstick glides smoothly over the lips. You can draw the outline with a pencil or you can also apply it directly for a more casual look. Unlike many matte liquid lipsticks, it doesn’t dry as quickly as you put it which means it can blend well if you decide to mix two liquid lipsticks. It also doesn’t have any overwhelming smell when you apply it. It’s a faint sweet smell that won’t be bothersome.

PACKAGING: It has a very sleek packaging quite different from the previous ones. Other products that I had bought were in simple black packaging with only words like Eyes, Face was written on them but this one has a shiny silver packaging which looks quite cute though.

RESULTS: This lipstick is a great buy considering its price. If you are new to applying liquid lipsticks I will definitely recommend you to start with these lipsticks as they are easy to apply. It feels a bit sticky when you are applying it but dries soon after. One big drawback of this lipstick has it transferable, not a lot but still it counts. The lipstick has a very beautiful somewhat velvet-like finish which makes your lips look nourished. I tested it by washing my face and the lipstick didn’t come off. It’s indeed much long-lasting than I would have guessed!

I only bought two shades which are Hawaii and Fiji which are the most flattering shades on any skin tone. Many matte lipsticks also face the problem of oxidization but Focallure Stay Max Liquid Lipstick passed that test also.

focallure liquid lipsticks hawaii, fiji
credit: stylerants

What’s The Verdict?

PROS: Realy Long-lasting, non-drying, don’t oxidize, extremely pigmented,cruelty-free. It has 8 beautiful shades flattering for every skin tone. The prices range is so affordable and the quality is not compromising at all.

CONS: After applying they will transfer whenever you will drink something. Surprisingly they will stay intact as they don’t transfer a lot but if this is a deal-breaker for you then they won’t work for you.

Will I purchase it again? Like the rest of their products, they will be a regular staple in my makeup bag from now on. (I swear this is not a sponsored post I just really like their products.)

Where to buy it?

You can buy it from Amazon or their official website.

Tell me about your experience of using Focallure Staymax Matte Liquid Lipstick review? Do you think they can replace your NYX collection? Comment below!