Top 10 Amazing Hair Styling Tips From Celebrity Stylists

Styling Tips From Celebrity Stylists

Women with curls know they are either your best friend or your worst enemy. When they are not being stubborn and bounce around happily you receive compliments. When they are just being grumpy (unreasonably) then you just get blank stares or some bad advice which no one asked for like “go for rebonding.” We have always been told to get rid of the curls instead of showing how to take care of them. This projects the idea that curly hair is not good enough until it is straightened. Next time someone tries to give you any unsolicited advice about your hair just ask them to cut the crap, not your curls. Don’t worry we have got you some amazing hair styling tips from stylists who are the best in the business. Now learn how to get soft waves like Emma Stone from her own stylist.

Best Time To Apply A Hair Mask

Jen Atkins is a renowned celebrity stylist who swears by applying a hair mask before work out. He believes that heat generated after doing a heavy workout will work wonders for the penetration of the hair mask.

Less Shampoo

Cervandao Maldonado is the hairstylist of ever-gorgeous Reese Witherspoon so you already know what he says WORKS. His philosophy is to try and go three days without shampoo to protect your hair. Shampooing it every day will make them dry and the outcome will be much worse if you have curls.

Bonding Treatment

Tracey Patterson is an iconic celebrity stylist and she recommends Bonding treatment to all the ladies who got damaged hair to to excessive coloring. They are perfect for brittle and damaged hair as otherwise the only option that is left is to cut them. These treatments make the color appear so much better and they also make the hair condition great.

Vitamic C is Your Bestfriend

Another great tip Patterson revealed was to use Vitamin C powder. Colored hair are hard to maintain, that freshness goes away in no time. Then all you are left with is a brassy looking hair. To prevent that put Vitamin C powder as it will life your hair color gently. Don’t apply it directly dilute it in hot water first and then put it on for ten minutes.

Ideal Serum For Curly Hair

Paul Edmonds is a great stylist so are his “Golden styling Tips”. He believes that the the texture of the curls should not be messed up. He recommends milk serum to all the curly haired beauties. Milk does not make the root greasy and it provides great moisture to the ends. This truly is a perfect serum which will not ruin your hair by making it straight, infact it will give that enviable volume.

Give Your Hair Bangs Extra Attention

Sarah Potempa is the stylist of Lea Michelle and aside from her amazing voice she is known for her picture-perfect heavy bangs. Now if you are someone who has bangs you know the struggle to style them perfectly its like stress of perfecting two hairstyles. Sarah recommend to not leaves the bangs for the end infact they should be prepped and set first. A light blow dry will give them the perfect look and when you work on the rest of your hair they will naturally blend in that time.

Finishing Spray Before You Start

Paul Norton who is Gina’s hairstylist loves to put Finishing Spray before he goes on to curl hair into beachy waves. He says it gives them the right crisp which is necessary to make them hold on for a long duration of an award function. It even makes the hairstyle look more neat and sorted.

A Perfect Hairbrush

Charles Baker is all about finding that perfect hairbrush. He believes the first step in getting the perfect hair is to start using the right kind of brush. One brush cannot be used on every occasion as every brush has its own purpose. For example boar brushes are great for smoothening the hair and make them a little shiny. Wet brushes only purpose is to get those stubborn knots out and round brushes can be used for adding that heavy volume.

Purple Shampoo

Cynthia Alvarez has a quick tip to get red of those brassy hair. She says using purple shampoo will counteract those unflattering tones. It’s a cheaper way and also way better than to get it all chopped off. People with blonde colored hair should take special note of this tip.

Cool Setting All the Way

Oscar Blandi is the stylist of Drew Berrymore and Emma Stone, and now he is giving some major styling tips so we are all ears about what he has to say. The only way to lock a look is to give it cool air blow dry, this way the look will stay put and it will look extra glossy. We knew it was important to do this step but we never knew the results could be this marvelous.

I hope you have learned a lot of cool tips today from certified hairstylists and don’t forget to comment below about what is your favorite styling trick that you’d like to tell everyone.