Garnier Neem Face Wash Review

Garnier neem face wash review

Before I became a full skincare buff who only uses products after thoroughly reviewing their ingredients, I only used whatever facewash was available. I remember the first face cleanser I used was Garnier Neem Purifying Face Wash. I used it more than a decade back and found it to be much better than the dove soap.

Honestly, at that time it felt like such an upgrade to go from soap to a face wash. Even today, I see this face wash at some of my relative’s places and even keep a small tube in my travel bag. Since I have been using this product for so long, it was only fair that I tell my honest garnier neem face wash review!

My Past Experience with Garnier Products

Garnier was a brand that I have been seeing since childhood. I remember my mother and my aunt were avid users of its hair dye. Even while watching TV, Garnier’s commercials were always eye-catching with the biggest celebrity of that era. All of these made me extremely familiar with the brand. I always used to love the smell of its conditioner which came with the hair dye. This was before I realized that heavily scented products were never exactly good for your skin and scalp.

Even today, I use some of its product like everyone’s favorite Garnier Micellar Water!

What is Garnier Neem Purifying Face Wash?

Garnier certainly claims big with this cleanser. The exact product description of Garnier Face Wash is,

“Every day your skin feels impure as it braves pollution, bacteria, and excess oil. The result could be pimples and impurities. Purify your skin with Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash, enriched with the power of Neem Leaf Extract and Tea Tree Oil. Skin feels clean, fresh, and looks clearer.”

Ingredients of Facewash

Honestly, this isn’t one of the clean products which have all the good ingredients. One look at its formula and you’ll see words like fragrance, sulfate, etc. This is why once I got a bit knowledgeable about the skincare world, I stopped using it. Today, I only pick it if I don’t have any other option.

Detailed Garnier Neem Facewash Review

My Skin Type: Normal with oily T-zone

Packaging: It is designed as a squeezable tube with a flip-flop cap having a nozzle that controls the usage of the product. Like other Garnier products, this one is also filled with all kinds of information like ingredients, directions, descriptions, and whatnot.

Application: Just wash your face with water once to dampen it. Then take the gel out of the tube. Be careful because the consistency is so thin, if distracted you will end up with a lot of product on your hand. Mix it with water to apply on the face as it will create a bit of lather, otherwise, it will feel like you are putting an ointment gel on your face.

Texture: The face wash has green gel-like content. It is soap-free which is why it has quite thin consistency and doesn’t create much foam.

Fragrance: Garnier Neem Pureactive Facewash has that recognizable “Garnier” scent. Somehow I still find this scent a bit intoxicating and don’t get bothered by it.

Honest Thoughts

This time I bought the Garnier Neem Face Wash just to see how it fares and if it is a good replacement as an everyday face wash. Well, the answer is you should only use it as a replacement and never as your main everyday face wash.  

When I recently used it after a long time, on the first try I got a lot of product as I didn’t realize how runny it is. After this, I realized I was washing my face a lot with water to get the thin slippery layer off. Once that layer was off and the water was dried. My face felt too dried up so much so that to feel better I had to use a moisturizer immediately.

I didn’t dare use this face wash daily but I have picked it up on days when I felt my skin was too sweaty, dirty, and grimy. To give credit where it’s due, it did take off all that dirt and sweat.


Garnier Facewash does the job and cleans the skin, it is especially good for oily skin. I won’t recommend this for combination or dry skin as it will make you feel very stiff and devoid of any moisture. I have seen people claim that it works well in controlling acne but personally, I don’t have acne so can’t judge it on that.


Works for oily skin

Make skin squeaky clean

Soap-free formula

Effectively removes the dirt stuck in pores

Very easily available in every mart and online shopping portals

An affordable option for those who can’t splurge much on skincare


The formula is full of non-clean ingredients

Not good for dry and even combination skin

Doesn’t do much for skin improvement

Consistency is very runny and can spill the whole tube in the bag