Honest Review: Is Focallure Sheet mask The Best Sheet Mask?

focallure sheet mask

In recent years one skincare product that has been hailed as a great invention by many people is “Sheet Mask”. If you are like me and love a hassle-free skin care routine then you know what a blessing sheet mask is.

Sheet masks are great to instantly hydrate your skin and make it appear more smooth and plump. Most of these masks require you to keep it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes so that the serum gets fully absorbed in your skin. If you don’t use a lot of moisturizers and serums (people with oily skin usually don’t) then sheet masks are nothing short of a blessing for you.

One look at my blog and anyone can see that Focallure is the makeup brand that I have reviewed the most. Now they have also extended to a skincare line “FocalSkin” and have their own Focallure sheet masks. So instantly I decided to try it and tell you all about my experience.

Focallure sheet mask
Credit: Stylerants

My Thoughts on Focallure Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are strictly one-time use products only which is why a big turn-off for many people would be its price factor. This is the biggest advantage of Focallure sheet masks as they are extremely affordable. Also, they have a wide range targetting different skin issues like acne, hydrating, toning, moisturizing, and brightening up. When I used this mask for the first time my skin was experiencing break-outs so I used the acne-care sheet mask. It is best to use after cleaning your skin thoroughly so that it can get fully absorbed in your skin.


  • Really hydrating
  • Moisturizing
  • Calms the irritated skin


  • Some people can think it’s too slimy
  • Only good for hydration and moisturizing nothing more

What is Focallure Sheet Mask?

Focallure Sheet Mask
Credit: Stylerants

Focallure sheet masks are great to counter various skin problems. It has specific ingredients that will only target those issues. The acne sheet mask has tea tree oil, Brighten Up mask has Vitamin C, Tone Up mask has Nianicimide, Moisturize mask has Honey and Hydrate Mask has aloe vera gel. Also acne sheet mask is black in color whereas other masks are white.


How to apply: Cleanse your face properly and then wait to be dried. After that apply the sheet mask carefully on your face. It’s best to keep the mask in the fridge for some 25 minutes and then apply it. It will also help with the open pores and tighten your skin. If you are 30 or above then it can do wonders for your skin to use a jade roller on the sheet mask. Remember to use it in the upward motion.

Scent: Every sheet mask has a distinct smell while some ingredients have mentioned perfume others have written aroma in the ingredients. If you absolutely can’t stand perfume then I would advise you to check the ingredients list carefully. Also, the acne sheet mask does not have any scent.

Credit: Stylerants

Overall Experience

I loved using this sheet mask as it is really high quality in such less price. After using it my skin felt more hydrated and plump. As I said earlier if you regularly use moisturizing products then a sheet mask won’t make much difference to your skin but if you have dry skin then you feel see its full effect. Having said that I would advise you to use the Focallure sheet mask twice or thrice a month so that your skin could keep looking plump and soft.

Where to Purchase It?

You can buy it on Focallure official website. It is available only for $2. What do you think of this Focallure Sheet Mask review? What are your views on sheet masks? Share your thoughts in the comments below!