How I Got Rid Of Bacne In A Month

how I got rid of bacne

Just when I thought that I had successfully escaped from the curse of acne, I started experiencing it. From the age of 13 to 18, I was extremely vigilant when it came to my skin. Be it a small pimple or a zit, I was ready with my remedies to treat it as full-blown acne.

Then, I hit my 20s and thought about how I never really had any major acne issues. Well, the thing was that due to a lack of awareness about skincare, I thought acne only flared up on the face. Soon, I started feeling painful pimples, bumps, and zits on my back. At first, I couldn’t figure out what it was. I just focused on cleaning my back a lot but didn’t think it could be acne.

It went on for a year and I still hadn’t discovered that I was having back acne. One day, while scrolling on Instagram I came across a Kendall Jenner clip in which she was talking about acne. She talked about how she tackled the acne on her face and her back, the latter she termed as “bacne”. From the pictures, she showed I realized that I also experience the same thing, and what I had was actually back acne.

After that, I researched everything about body acne and how to control it. The first thing that made a significant difference was leaving comedogenic hair conditioners and serum. Also, in addition to cleaning the back, I regularly started exfoliating it. I also bought products that had Benzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient, it cleaned my back thoroughly. A combination of all these things resulted in my back getting completely acne-free in less than three months. 

If you are also experiencing acne on your back or anywhere on your body, then read below to see what changes can you make to minimize it. These are are all the things that I did to get rid of bacne.

Don’t Let The Sweat Sit

Sweat is probably the hidden culprit of body acne. In the summer season, it’s impossible to not sweat while doing anything. If you are an active person who jogs, runs, or does some exercise, then you would sweat a lot. To stop the flaring up of acne from sweating, it is best to immediately freshen up afterwards.

Wash your body thoroughly and then only wear new clean clothes after the body has dried. Don’t make the mistake of staying in your sweaty clothes for a long time. The more quickly you will take the shower the more clear your skin will be.

Tea Tree Oil

I know hearing the word oil and acne doesn’t exactly paint a nice image in our mind. Well, tea tree oil is different than the other oils. This one is specifically used to clear the bacteria and soothe your skin. To control the growing bacteria is very important in controlling the spread of body acne. Once you can restrict it then it becomes easier to get rid of it. If you don’t want to use the oil, then you can try any lotion or cream whose main ingredient is tea tree.

Avoid Tight Clothes

I understand that nobody wants to wear baggy clothes outside of the comfort of their home. Wearing well-fitted clothes is not only a preference but also a requirement for being nicely dressed. However, try to wear clothes that are too tight, the keyword being “too” here. These clothes make the sweat stick to your body without letting your skin breathe. If you are in a situation where you must have to wear tight clothes, then you should change them quickly as soon as you get home.

Beware of Hair Products

When it comes to “bacne” specifically, a lot of us tend to ignore the possibility of hair products contributing to its spread. Well, unfortunately, it is true. The residue from hair oil and conditioners helps in piling on the sebum in the skin pore. Most of these products are usually comedogenic which means they do settle in the pore.

Even many body lotions or other beauty products that you apply on your arms, legs, and the rest of the body can be a major contributing factor to your acne. To get a clear bacne, try minimizing the contact between your hair and your back. Keep your hair tied up mostly and while applying conditioner try to use a towel as a barrier. Also use body lotions that are non-comedogenic and mostly made from natural ingredients like Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion.


One thing to remember is that it isn’t possible to treat acne overnight. It will always take some time, the right methods, and lifestyle changes to get clearer skin. All the above-mentioned pointers are what worked for me. However, every acne is different and I would personally advise you to consult with a dermatologist. The sooner you will find the right procedure, the sooner you will find relief from body acne.

Hello Reader! I hope you find this article somewhat helpful. Tell me below have you ever experienced body acne and what steps did you take to get rid of it?