Is Argireline Better Than the Botox?

Is Argireline Better Than The Botox

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The worst part of aging is seeing all the fine lines and wrinkles on your once youthful skin. When you notice it for the first time it’s definitely a shocker but then the signs keep getting increasing. People in their 50’s mostly turn to botox to get the aging signs under control. Botox is an extremely effective but expensive way of dealing with aging. Not everyone has the means to spend thousands of dollars on looking a bit younger than the actual age. Even if you have the means not everyone wants to go under the needle, it could be a result of seeing a lot of horror videos of before and after botox. Then you might be asking what is the solution to this problem. Well, the answer is a synthetic peptide called Argireline.

What Is Argireline?

Argireline is no less than a magical ingredient that can take all your aging skin woes away. It is excellent for minimizing forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and smile lines. This peptide is a short chain of amino acids that then absorbs into your skin to fight off the pesky lines. Many dermatologists have called it the next best option after Botox. The anti-aging effects of this ingredient are no joke. While botox is something that even doctors recommended to take in extremely small doses that too after a considerable gap, Argireline can be used daily. To get the best results use it with other peptides that can deeply penetrate into your skin and can give that youthful glow.

Amazing Benefits Of Argireline

  • It slows down the wrinkle formation process by preventing muscle movement.
  • It also does wonders for the stimulation of collagen production hence the reduced fine lines. This is also what keeps your skin firm.
  • It is extremely effective in retaining the skin’s moisture. Well-hydrated skin is a key to looking more youthful. Aging effects appear faster on dry skin so don’t skin your eight glasses of water per day.
  • It is really cost-effective in front of Botox. This makes it a far better option for beginners who don’t want to commit to something as prominent as Botox.

Target Audience Of Argireline

If some wrinkles or fine lines have started showing on your skin then it is your time to start using Argireline. If you start applying the serum in your 30s then by the time you are 50 you probably won’t even need botox as badly as someone who hasn’t been doing much to slow dowing aging signs. Also, if you have dry skin and nothing works for you then you should give Argireline a try it’s a great moisturizer too.

How to Use It

This peptide is amazing to apply directly on areas that have creases due to the constant movement of muscle. The most common way to use it is to apply it on the most affected spots like sensitive skin around the eyes, forehead lines, on both sides of the lips, and between the eyebrows. Most bottles already come with “Directions To Use”, always keep in mind to read that first. It’s always best to consult with a dermatologist before adding a product to your skincare routine to avoid any mishaps.

Side-Effects Of Argireline

You may be glad to hear that Argireline doesn’t have any major side effects. But it would be best if you consult with a dermatologist first to get that green signal. Every skin type is different so it’s always best to start with an expert’s opinion.
Also when buying Argireline try to look for serums that don’t use alcohol. If you have dry skin then Argireline mixed with alcohol won’t do you any favors.