Know The Best Tips and Tricks to Repair Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair Tips

A good hair day is a testament to how it can boost someone’s confidence. Damaged hair is not only hard to style but they also keep getting worse to a point where the only option left is to cut it. For a lot of girls especially having a good hair length is a major priority which is why it is important to try a few remedies before you take the decision of chopping it off. Today we will talk about some great damaged hair tips which can help you revive it.

Less Styling More Nourishing

It’s great to play around with hair when they are healthy but what to do when it becomes lifeless and damaged. Straightening and Blow Drying are two of the most common hairstyling practice that women do. Hair absorbs so much heat during this process that they are bound to be completely dried out at some point.

Once it happens you are left with nothing but harsh and brittle hair. The first thing anyone who’s about to use styling tools should do is to apply a generous amount of heat protectant. This will make sure the heat doesn’t directly affect your hair. Even after using heat protectants, it is inevitable for hair to become damaged if you will use styling tools for a long time. The best way to avoid this is by using fewer heating tools. Try to minimize your use to two to three times a week anything beyond is excessive. Also, try to switch your heating tools with other options like go for big rollers instead of blow dryers and trade long rollers for curling rods.

Use A Silk Pillow

The fabric your hair comes in contact with has to be more on the gentler side. Many people use cotton pillowcases but you should know that those are extremely damaging to your hair strands. The best solution is to use a silk pillow so the fabric will not only protect your hair but will also help in softening them.

Right Shampooing Technique

Cleaning the hair properly can make them stronger and will help immensely in preventing breakage. Most of the time people apply the shampoo directly at the crown of the head and then aggressively rubs it all around the head. This is most definitely the worst way to shampoo your hair. The ideal way is to dilute your shampoo in some water so that if you have a sensitive scalp it won’t get affected.

Then the right way is to equally distribute shampoo on your scalp and then massage lightly. This way the whole scalp will get cleaned, getting rid of any buildup residue. You will notice less hair fall in the shower because of the light massage. Every hair type should follow the showering routine according to what’s recommended to them e.g for oily scalp and fine hair it’s fine to shampoo daily. But if you have curly dry hair then the maximum you should go for is three times a week.

Extensions Need Extra Care

It’s easy to find tons of haircare routines for natural hair but what about those who have extensions. Today many women have different kinds of extensions to get that voluminous look. Extensions are a great way to add some highlights and length without damaging your hair with bleach and keratin.

But extensions also need to be taken care of if you want to keep them for a longer time. It’s necessary to gently clean your hair if it has extensions otherwise your hair strands will break more. Also, make sure to thoroughly clean it otherwise you can get a scalp infection because of dirt and buildup residue.

Avoid Towel Drying

One of the most common practices that are the main culprit behind your frizzy broken hair is “Towel Drying”. It is almost habitual for everyone to take a dry towel and either wrap it around their head or start shaking it on the scalp to get rid of excess water. Firstly make a pact with yourself to never roughly rub your towel on your hair as nothing good can ever come out of it. Secondly only use it to gently pat it get the water out or just loosely tie it around your head. While choosing a towel go for the softest fabric and keep changing your towels regularly to avoid any infections.

Keep It Moisturized

Just like how it is important to keep your skin hydrated the same is true for your hair too. There is no way your hair won’t be frizzy and brittle if they are dry. The best way to keep them moisturized is by using a good leave-in conditioner. And applying a good hair mask once a week. These two steps are absolutely necessary if you want to keep your length as the ends will dry beyond repair if they aren’t well-moisturized. Also, try to incorporate natural oils in your hair care routine as they will do nothing but wonders for your hair. Try to leave either coconut oil or olive oil in your hair overnight and then wash the next day to see the best results.

Brush Your Hair Upside Down

While brushing your hair daily is great for your hair, you know what is even better? Brushing them upside down. Lower your head and make all your fall in front of your face. Then start combing your hair from the base of your head to the ends of your hair. It will do wonders for your blood circulation which will then result in smoother and stronger hair.

Also, study more about which comb or brush is best suited for your hair kind e.g a wide-toothed comb is ideal for curly hair, and for fine hair a narrow-toothed comb is more well-suited. Also keep in mind to never brush your dripping wet hair as they are the most prone to breakage then. Always wait for them to get to slightly damp status if not completely dry.

Taking care of hair is a time taking process but it’s so worth it in the end. Most of the time it’s not even as expensive as maintaining a good skincare routine. Damaged hair tips are mostly just about treating your hair gently. For hair, you can even use the most basic stuff and still can see the marvelous results. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and drinking an adequate amount of water can also help you fasten your hair repair journey.