Magnetic Lashes Vs. Fake Lashes: Which One Is Made For You?

magnetic lashes

Right now there is an emphasis on the “no-makeup” look which is more about looking put together without having done too much makeup. Every time you’ll open your Insta there were perfect-looking bare-faced models on your feed. Everything from their eyebrows to eyelashes is pitch-perfect.

You look at their eyelashes and then you look at yours thinking how they got this blessed. Well, the answer is theirs isn’t natural either. The magnetic fake lashes can be used 30 times more than the regular fake ones. If you have always been intimidated by the thought of apply fake lashes then this invention is nothing short of magic for you.

Today we will tell you if you should use magnetic lashes or stick to the traditional fake ones. Whenever there is a new invention it always comes with the debate of staying old school or be open to experiments. While makeup artists who are experts at applying fake lashes might like to stick with the old one but for a more regular look, magnetic lashes are already winning the audience. Below we will discuss both pros and cons of both lashes for you to make the final decision:

Fake Lashes Don’t Blend

Today makeup looks are all about acing the “natural look”. Celebrity makeup artists frowned up makeup that looks fake which is why fake lashes are seeing a slump in their sales. Falsies are really easy to spot and it takes the effortless look that is the latest trend. Magnetic lashes easily blend into your natural lashes and they only enhance your natural beauty. Some might even say fake lashes look tacky in front of the magnetic ones.

Magnetic Lashes Feel Less Sturdier

The most prominent advantage fake lashes have over magnetic lashes is the ability to stick strongly for a long amount of time. If you have just started wearing magnetic lashes, it will take you some time to be confident in them. Initially, magnetic lashes will feel like they can fall off at any moment. Once fake lashes are secured by applying the glue perfectly, they won’t budge for a significant amount of time.

Magnetic Lashes Are Reusable

Fake lashes have always faced the accusation of having no reusability. Magnetic lashes can be worn for a long time until they can’t stick to your eyelashes anymore. This is especially great for those women who want to wear it on a regular basis. Buying fake lashes for everyday use could become expensive so for them magnetic lashes is really the best of both worlds.

Fake Lashes Cover The Lash Line Equally

Fake Lashes are glued close to the lash line and that way they cover the whole lashes. You just need to position them correctly once and after it, they won’t budge. Magnetic lashes especially the ones that are divided into small parts can make it difficult to give a uniform look. They are also not much close to the lash line and can take a bit of time to get you to feel confident in them.

Magnetic Lashes Needs To Be Applied With Slow Hands

Those who have perfected applying falsies may get impatient while playing around with magnetic eyelashes. They need to be applied slowly and need adjusting since they won’t get attached right on the first try. Fake eyelashes don’t need that patience and once they are attached with the lash line then there isn’t much left to be worried about.

Harmful Adhesive Glue With Fake Lashes

Fake eyelashes come with glue with is used to attach them with the lash line. The tricky part with falsies is the correct use of glue. Also, the glue isn’t safe for everyone to use. A lot of people have complained about irritation and infection because of the glue. It is always a good idea to do a patch test before applying it right around your eyes.

Magnetic Lashes Are Hygienic

Magnetic Lashes are cleaner because they don’t have any external components attached to them. Falsies come with a combination of adhesive glue which is a big no for amateurs. If you thought applying the glue to the lashes is the most difficult part, you clearly have never tried to clean the dried glue. Because of the glue, fake eyelashes are quite unhygienic and can induce infection if not cleaned properly.

Magnetic Lashes Can Be Applied Easily

Fake lashes are completely useless until you learn how to glue them properly. If you’ll apply less glue the falsies won’t stick. If you’ll apply more glue it will smear all-around your eyes. This can irritate your eyes and make them infected. To avoid this try your luck with magnetic lashes, you’ll just need to learn how to apply it calmly, and then you will have the lush eyelashes without ever having to use the glue.

False Eyelashes Suit More Eye shapes

False lashes can be easily worn by all eye shapes because they can bend easily. Magnetic eyelashes can’t change their shape and can look artificial if not complemented properly. Magnetic lashes also come in divided parts which can be applied according to your eye shape but it would take time to make it perfect.

In the end, you make the call about what suits you more. If you are someone who has been using falsies for a long time and has perfected their technique, then you may want to stick with it. But if you are new or have bad experiences with the glue in the past then magnetic lashes will be ideal for you.