Makeup Products Every Girl Should Have In Her Bag

Makeup products with givenchy bag

The world of makeup is wilder than ever right now. Thousands of makeup products launch every month from drugstores to high-end brands. Celebrity makeup lines are also cashing in on this makeup mania which makes it easily intimidating for any newbie to prepare her first-time makeup essentials bag. Interaction with my Twitter friend made me realize how crazy it actually is to buy the right products for the first time until you can figure out what works best for you. Basic is the keyword here so we will fill this beginner makeup bag with products that can enhance your beauty without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that this is a beginner’s list so I have only added necessary makeup products and not every makeup item.


Most people start this list with a foundation often forgetting primer but this is what will make sure that your makeup stays in place. Elf Primer is one of the best (according to me THE Best) primers you will use.


All the makeup junkies can agree with me how when we bought the first foundation we had no clue what will work for us and how when we actually some time later found our perfect foundation nothing was a greater feeling than that either. Foundations are trickiest to buy because you just don’t know if it will work for your skin as well as it did for your friend. Right now my personal favorites are Cover FX as stick foundation. It gives you such a great finish and I am not personally a fan of stick foundations but this one truly changed my opinion about them. In liquid Maybelline Fit Me and L’Oreal Infallible are truly saviors when you just can’t afford MAC or Clinique.


Nothing sets your features right like a well-done eyebrow. Makeup Revolution Duo Eyebrow pencil is the best product for those who can’t afford ABH. It will train your trembling hands so well and only after 3 to 4 times you will know which shape works best for you.


Concealers are meant to hide those dark circles and uninvited zits and Elf has the best range at an affordable price. You can match what your problem is and then buy accordingly.


I know eyeshadow is not something that you will wear on a daily basis but a base color can give your whole look the boost that it needs. If you are a beginner who just wants some pretty eyeshadow kit to play around with then go for Mad for Matte by Elf. Their texture is beautiful and it’s one of the cheapest kits you’ll find with such high quality.


Nothing says Dramatic like a kickass dark as can be eyeliner. Focallure Eyeliner is the most recent one that I have tried and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t budge for the whole day even when I washed my face, now that’s a waterproof eyeliner. Buy this one and practice that Ariana Grande wing eyeliner without spending way too much money.


AH! How we all dream of those thick curtains of eyelashes on our eyes. But in reality, we have to build it coat by coat while making sure it doesn’t spread giving us raccoon eyes. I know while most of us want to get our hands on Too Faced Better than Sex mascara but our bank balance just won’t allow us lucky for us L’Oreal has some great mascaras which can help us making our eyes dramatic than usual. Make sure your makeup bag always has mascara in it.

Contour Stick

While keeping in mind that this list is strictly for beginners I have just included this for those who might want to learn the basics of shaping their face. Maybelline conceals contour duo stick is just right to get you started before you start buying those Huda Kattan products.

Blush and Highlighter

Elf highlighters are the closest to what you can find as a dupe for BECCA. Their blushes are also great giving you the glow like an angel look. But if you are a liquid highlighter fan then there is nothing like NYX Born to Glow and if you find even NYX ones expensive then your girl is here to help you out with Focallure Highlighters.


I know Kylie lip kits are all over our Insta feed but we need to be brave and find those ones which can go with our $$. Red lipstick is a must in every lady’s life. We all have that one special red lipstick that goes with our undertone and then there is our perfect nude lipstick which we know how to put on even with our eyes closed. NYX has come up with some great liquid lipstick whose light-weight formula will make you a fan instantly. If you want to know which nude shade is best for you then you can also try Makeup Revolution Nude Lipstick Palette to know your shade.

 If you like my list then please share it and comment below which one of these items is in your makeup bag and keep coming back to my blog. Love all.