Beginners guide on How To Dress Up For Coachella

Coachella Festival

Celebrities, Die-hard music fans, and a desert – Yup it’s Coachella time! Coachella has turned into the biggest music festival where thousands of people flock to the desert for weekends to enjoy the wild-spirit of this music festival giving them a break from their monotonous routine. Coachella is meant to unleash your free-spirit which is impossible to do in our real lives. We all want to look our Bohemian best at Coachella, styling your look is the first step that you will take for your Wild Wild weekend. I will help you out in making some chic yet wise choices that will help you survive desert heat while making you look uber cool.

  • Denim Shorts

So Denim shorts are all you see in your Instagram feed during Coachella season and there’s a reason for that. Denim shorts are your best bet in the desert where you will probably have to sit on the ground for most of the day. So try avoiding some super expensive outfit which will just get ruined in the scorching heat, humidity, and sweat and rock some good ol’ shorts which you already own and is completely worn-in.

Denim shorts
  • Oversized Denim Jacket

Denim is usually the unspoken official theme of Coachella. I have always loved a good oversize statement jacket. It can elevate a simple
look and is perfect for transitioning to nighttime Coachella parties. In the daytime wear it around your waist and in nighttime put it on to tackle low temperatures. Now rock two looks with one Jacket.

Denim Jacket
  • Shoes

As much as you are tempted to buy those gladiator sandals please don’t. Always remember Coachella takes place in a desert and it requires a lot of walking, dancing for 3 consecutive days and if you are in your newly bought super cute shoes which have started to make your feet hurt when it’s only been 2 hours, then blisters on your feet will be your only memory of Coachella. Comfortable shoes are the most essential part to enjoy Coachella. Now wear your trusted Canvas and dance the night away (technically 3 nights) but you guys got it

  • Cross-Body Bags

Cross-Body bags will act as your lifesaver when filled with essential products. You will need a few products throughout the day you will not able to keep going back to your camp neither can you hold all the products in your hand. So buy a spacious cross-body bag that will go well with your fun festival vibe.

Cross Body Bag
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels
  •  Jewelry

Have you ever looked at a pair of ridiculously over-sized bohemian jewelry and thought ”Would love to buy it but where will I wear it?” This is WHERE. Coachella is as wild for you as you want it to be. Now get that neon-colored oversized hoops and channel your inner Bohemian spirit.

Photo by Michael McAuliffe on Unsplash

Remember Coachella is not a runway it’s just a great weekend getaway with your friends to make memories for a lifetime. Wear what you want to wear, experiment with your look, enjoy great concerts, and most importantly Have Tons of Fun.
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