Only Kohl Eyeliner Pencil You Will Ever Need

My Eyeliner Story: 

Eyeliner Pencil or Kohl pencil no matter how you say is the first beauty purchase of 90% of South Asian females. In our childhood we see our Grandma putting it and our mothers never really feel ready without it. I started wearing Eyeliner when I was 13. It was my first step towards the ”Cosmetic World”.

Since then I must have bought hundreds of Eyeliner Pencils (not exaggerating) to find the ”Perfect One”.

But no matter how popular the brand was its end result was always disappointing. It used smudge fairly quickly leaving me nothing but with the raccoon eyes. In summers I even stopped wearing kohl eyeliners due to their smudging failures

The Discovery:

 But one day Purchasing some Lip Balms the shopkeeper showed me the new Eyeliner Pencil at his shop and mine was about to end so I just bought it without really knowing the brand or anything about it. And man Was it a good purchase. Now after 2 years I am on my third Eye pencil and I have no complaints about it.

Anddddddddddd the big Reveal this Eyeliner Pencil is Dazz Matazz Define and Design in Black.

Define & Design Eyeliner

 Trust me this Eyeliner has passed the test of time (pun intended) from 6 am till 11 pm and I kid you not it didn’t budge. Where I live the weather stays hot and humid for 8 months and it didn’t disappoint in the humidity either.

The formula is so good for this Eyeliner and the texture is creamy but once it’s on the lid it’s then locked. Here is the much-awaited swatch and it’s up to you guys to test it for yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts with this Kohl Eyeliner:

  • It is great for a heavy black kohl eye look which is mostly used in eastern makeup looks.
  • Dazz Matazz Eyeliner is great for that smudged smokey look which can be achieved with a great creamy eye pencil.
  • What it’s not good for is a thin sharped winged eyeliner as the tip isn’t great for that.

Recommended: Totally!