Top 5 TV Shows Every Fashion Lover Should Watch

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Fashion plays a role equally as important as the story and acting in a TV show. If you are a girl who always wants to know what’s trending or what’s new in style then these are the TV shows for you to binge-watch. Without further ado let’s take a look at my list of Top 5 Fashion TV Shows.

 5. Sex And The City

The style in this series is as iconic as the show itself. It showed that every woman has the right to look fabulous and fashion is not something only for teenagers. Although it first aired in 1998 the show’s storyline is still as relevant as ever. Four women in their thirties living in NYC while figuring life out. Each woman has a different personality and those traits are completely visible in their outfits whether it’s flamboyance or subtlety…Everyone can learn a thing or two about fashion while watching this. 

4. Pretty Little Liars

 A show about a murder mystery, five pretty girls, four hot boys, and always on point makeup/hair/outfit sounds to me like a perfect binge-watching recipe. While this show is an ultimate teen show it does not mean people above 19 won’t enjoy it at least for the first four seasons you will. There is a reason why this show’s characters have many boards dedicated to their style on Pinterest. You should also watch and find out.

3. The Bold Type

 What better show to watch than the one about a fashion magazine. The Bold Type will not only show you glamorous outfits and fashion parties but also the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) it takes to combine a magazine that when you hold becomes your fantasy world.

 2. Suits

Many people might not consider Suits to be an eligible entry in the Fashion TV shows because of a) no teenagers b) legal drama. But its individuality made me put it on this list. It’s not styled in this show it’s Class. Fashion here means a whole different thing than in teen dramas. Whether it’s Harvey’s Tom Ford or Jessica’s Chanel this show will definitely teach you GRACE!

1. Gossip Girl

And number one on the list is the show that has been a Fashion Favorite since it first aired more than a decade ago Gossip Girl. A show about Manhattan elites and a lonely boy( xoxo) and their journey from high school brats to responsible adults. This show changed the dynamics of teen dramas with its Genius Style Game. Fashion in this show was not just what actors/actresses wore here it was an integral part of the show. Whether it was Blair Waldorf headbands or Chuck Bass scarves every garment the cast wore still remains iconic.

If you liked my Top 5 fashion shows do let me know and tell me your Top 5 list in the comments section below. And do see other posts on this blog.