Perfect MAC Strobe Cream Dupe to Buy

Mac Strobe Dupe

Sometimes I buy a dupe because every beauty guru I follow keeps raving about it and after purchase, I often find myself with two completely different products. But sometimes an accidental purchase can also turn into an excellent dupe discovery. Last year when everyone was trying to get the glow from within look by using high-end primers like MAC Strobe cream I got my hands on something rather unusual looking.


That product is ”Clazona Aqua Stylish Silky”. I’ll be honest I ordered them thinking they were BB creams because there was no description available as to what it was. But upon receiving it was clear that they can’t be used as BB creams. So determined to make some use out of it I mixed them with a foundation and applied them on my face then……VOILA! there was that 100 Watt Glow that could only be achieved with MAC Strobe Cream.


Clazona Aqua Stylish Silky comes in 3 different colors white, golden, pink. I only bought two white and golden. The packaging is not very sleek but from the price point of view, it gets the job done. You get 30g of product for $2 each.

How To Use It:

  •  Like a Highlighter: One way to use it is like a highlighter that is to only apply a small amount on the high-points of the face where you would usually use a highlighter to give an ultra-glam look with little to no effort.
  • With Foundation: When going for a dewy look mix the Clazona Cream with your foundation to get that angelic glow that makes your skin look fresh and healthy. Always remember less is more here.

Don’t try to apply it on your face like a primer or BB Cream that will only end in disaster.

How did it rank?

I’d say it was  HIT as a Dupe and MISS as a foundation itself.

If you have ever discovered a great dupe by accident do let me know in the comments section below. And also follow my blog for honest dupes and reviews!