Nature’s Bounty Cod Liver Oil Review

Nature's Bounty Cod Liver Oil

It is commonly said that Fish Oil and Omega 3 Capsules are super beneficial for your health but how to know which one is actually worth it? I’ll share my personal experience with you which will help you decide.

What is Nature’s Bounty Cod Liver Oil?

Around 7 to 8 months back I felt extreme weakness and fatigue. I tried many home remedies and Vitamin capsules but they didn’t give good results. So I took matters into my own hands, did a little internet research, and found Nature’s Bounty Cod Liver Oil. The internet told me it is Omega-3 Cod Liver Oil with a good source of Vitamin A and D. It also promised to Boost Metabolism.

Packaging And Product

When it arrived it was a green bottle with a cap that could easily flip open and inside it were 100 soft gels of golden color indicating fish oil which has Omega 3 fatty acids. The good thing was that capsules were not sticky at all which is a common problem with many fish oil pills.

Review of Nature’s Bounty Cod Liver Oil

For the first week, I couldn’t notice any difference but after taking it for 2 consecutive weeks I started feeling better. The fatigue that I felt before was not there anymore and surprisingly enough my skin also looked better. Maybe I felt that because it didn’t look tired anymore. Lastly the most important part it was NOT AT ALL hard to swallow this pill even after swallowing it did NOT leave a foul-fish-like taste in my mouth which is the most common complaint with Fish Oil pills.

So What’s The Final Verdict?

It definitely ranked well for me and it has been a constant on my daily supplement list for almost a year now. I would definitely recommend it but only if your doctor gives you a GO AHEAD first.

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Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before taking this medicine as it is only a general review. Only buy this after your doctor recommends it.