Review of Olay Aqua Physics Serum

Olay Serum
Best Drugstore Serum Olay Aqua Physics Serum

A while ago I was looking for a budget-friendly serum to put on my dry skin for the winters. While the Korean Skincare ones were really expensive the others were not very popular Brands. Then I came across Olay Aqua Physics Serum on an online shopping website intrigued by this product, I tried to find any reviews on it but there was little to no info about it just an old advertisement for this.

So I ordered it and upon using it felt like a great discovery. The best thing about Olay Aqua Physic Serum is that softens your skin as soon as you put it. On the skin it does not feel sticky at all, the formula is great. Olay Serum also makes a very good primer before foundation as it minimizes the pore instantly. And it smells so niceeeeeeeee, which can be a big plus if you like faint fragrance. If you liked this then read another article of mine about an underrated mask which is a must-have for all the skincare junkies.

Rating: 9.5/10
Price: 10$