Secret Hair Care Tip for Voluminous Hair

girl showering with haircare tip

We often look for some Magic product that will do wonders for our Hair and Skin but often overlook something extremely simple that we can even do ourselves. Today I will tell you about a hair care tip that I learned from my mom’s friend who runs a salon


What she told me is that the key to naturally voluminous hair was to not start washing it right away from the crown, instead go a little lower. Start from there then work your way up to the crown and then hairline. This first of all clean the side which we may often neglect, giving our complete focus to the crown and also does not tangle it that much.

Great Long Shiny Hair Secret

There is a reason why our hair is being washed this exact way whenever we go to a salon. And it’s high time now that we should start doing this at home too. And also after washing this way, putting conditioner only at the end of the hair also helps and does not weigh them down.
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