Skincare Tips for Summer Season

Two gIrls laiid down

While the Summer season stands for all good things such as icecreams, rainy days, family vacations still there is one big issue that always arises with its arrival. And that issue is skin problems that come with scorching sunlight. But lucky for you, I will tell you some skincare tips that will not only save your skin from harsh sunburn but also will make it look more lively than ever.

Girl drinking water
  • Water Intake:

Dehydration is a real threat on high-temperature days and the only way to avoid it is by drinking at least 8 glasses of water regularly. When you don’t water a plant for days and soon it becomes visible that they are losing their life it’s the same with human beings. Drinking water keeps your skin healthy, radiant, and lively.

Best Sunscreen


  •   Sunscreen is your best friend:

Sunscreen is as important for your face in summers as clothes for your body. Minimally it keeps your skin safe from sunburn rash and at most, it helps to prevent skin cancer. Slathering it on exposed parts of your body i.e your face, neck, arms, ears, and feet will create a protective barrier between your skin and UV rays from the sun. Sunscreen also helps in keeping your skin moisturized for a longer period which makes it look glowing and healthy. 

Korean Sheet mask
  • Sheet Mask is Dessert for your skin

By now you must have noticed that the main skincare goal in summers is keeping your skin moisturized by various means and what better way to do that than applying a relaxing sheet mask at the end of the day. Recently Korean beauty products boomed worldwide and along with many 9 step facial kits, one simple product became an instant classic that is the Sheet Mask. It’s one of the easiest and most relaxing things to do in summers. Just put on some sheet mask, close your eyes, play your favorite song and you are in an angel’s arms.
Girls exercising
  • Workout your Skincare Problems:

Workout may not look like a skincare habit at first but let me explain and you’ll see the logic behind it. First of all workout is a must in summers as it’s the best season to reap benefits from physical activities. But not only it gives us a great figure it also gives us clean toxin-free skin. You ask how? Well working out makes you sweaty (gross I know!) but that sweat helps in flushing toxins out of your body which if stayed in would have resulted in acne, pimples, and other problems. So working out kills two birds with one stone!
Three glasses of Smoothies
  • Smoothies are your reward:

Summer is the season where almost every fruit is available on the market and we all know what are fruits good for. Yes with being delicious they are also very nutritious which helps us achieve that glowing bare face that we all dream of. If you want to double the benefit of nutritious fruits then throw some nuts and almond/coconut milk with seasonal fruits in a blender and you have got yourself a delicious smoothie which is a blessing for your skin in the long summer season!

Hope you found these tips helpful! Have a great summertime ahead. If you like this post please comment and share.