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Have you ever followed everything a celebrity has mentioned from their beauty routine to their diet and still thought why I am not getting that superstar glow? Well, it’s because the A-Listers don’t reveal everything they do to keep their youth stay longer. One of the best-kept Hollywood secrets for great skin is Red Light Therapy. Glamour Magazine has even called it a “fountain of youth”. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba, and Khloe Kardashian are strong advocates of RLT. You may think is some sort of luxury treatment that only rich people can afford but Vital Red Light has made sure to provide this high-tech solution at an extremely affordable price.

What is Red Light Therapy?

When your skin cells absorb the red light at wavelengths of either 660 nnm or 850 nnm, it gets through a regenerative process. The result of this skin rejuvenation is younger-looking skin, better muscle health, and less inflammation of skin problems. RLT basically stimulates three main components of your skin i.e fibroblasts, elastin, and collagen.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The reason behind the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy is that unlike other skin treatments it has the ability to penetrate much more deeply into the skin cells. Most of the skincare procedures only focus on the outer surface of the skin but RLT easily goes 9-10mm deep in the skin tissue.

The cell which gets the light at the medically suggested wavelength then produces more Adenosine Triphosphate. This is why it is important to be consistent with the correct wavelength of light. If not continued properly then the little produced ATP could completely die which means there will be no improvement in your condition. The fibroblast cells which are present in the dermis layer are mainly responsible for collagen and elastin production. The healthy combination of both of these results in good skin strength and flexibility, hence younger-looking skin.

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Vital Red Light Therapy Devices

Vital Red Light is one of the most trusted manufacturers of light therapy devices. They make highly-effective light therapy treatment devices that are accessible and affordable for everyone. Their products are trusted by people from various professions such as dermatologists, chiropractors, and aestheticians. From health clinics to high-class gyms, Vital Red Light has provided its products to many such facilities.

Due to red light therapy’s expensive nature, only the rich and famous are able to enjoy its benefits but Vital Red Light is changing the game with their professional-grade at-home Red Light Therapy devices. Now to empower people, even more, they have launched three different Red Light Therapy devices. All of these 3 devices are set on different wavelengths making them suitable for multiple issues.

Vital Charge (Travel Size)- The first one is Vital Charge, it is a handheld light therapy device that provides therapeutic red light wavelengths in an ultra-modern design.

Vital Pro-The second one is Vital Pro, it is a targeted red and near-infrared LED light therapy device. It vastly improves skin inflammation, energy, and sleep.

Vital Elite- The third one is Vital Elite, the most immersive light therapy experience that you can buy. The Vital Elite is excellent for full-body treatments. It mainly focuses on areas like the back, chest, and abdomen. Now you don’t need to wait for long appointments, you can get everything in the comfort of your own home.

The NASA Red Light Study

If you are still looking for just one more reason to try the Red Light Therapy then here it is. Not just medical researchers but even scientists at NASA have also conducted multiple studies that prove the positive effect of RLT. The scientists at the USA space agency saw the most positive results with a wavelength of 660-850nm. Vital Red Light’s products are also based on the exact wavelength and are known to help with skin health, sleep cycle, and muscle strength recovery.

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Benefits Of Vital Red Light Therapy

Many people have this misconception that Red Light Therapy is only meant for tackling anti-aging issues, well that’s not true. From muscle repairing to improving the sleeping pattern, Vital Red Light products can provide a whole lot of benefits.

Wound and Scar Healing

One of the most pertinent skin issues that are just impossible to get rid of is scars. Be it a little one or a big one, the mark of the scar never completely goes away. In cases where it affects the confidence of a person the option of peeling or other skin grafting treatments is readily presented. Before you think about these extreme options, let’s talk about the 2014 research. The 2014 study proved that light therapy is extremely effective in healing the wound and lightening the mark of the scar.

Gaining Muscle Strength

A 2018 research showed the condition of knee muscle after exercise and then how the fatigue of the muscle reduced after being exposed to Red Light. Its therapeutic qualities are great in lessening soreness. Dancers, athletes, and regular gym goers would find it extremely beneficial to recover their strength and lessen fatigue.

Better Sleep

Irregular sleeping pattern is a problem that is faced by every other person. Today its biggest cause is using cell phones till late at night. The light coming from the mobile screen keeps the mind awake which can lead to extreme fatigue and soreness in the eyes. One of the most hidden health benefits of RLT is its potential to improve the sleep cycle. Not only does it helps in getting a peaceful sleep it also makes sure that a person experiences deep sleep. I

Anti-Aging Miracle

The most well-known use of Red Light Therapy is its ability to diminish wrinkles, minimize fine lines and make skin appear younger. The catch with using RLT is it provides a more long-lasting result than other skincare products. It also doesn’t come with the risks that are a given with cosmetic treatments.

Where To Buy It?

You can buy Vital Red Light devices at their official website:

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