TRESemme Keratine Hair Mask Review

Tresseme Keratin hair mask review

I have curly, frizzy, and dry hair which means most of the haircare products just don’t work for me. The problem with most haircare products from regular brands is that they only work for those who have good hair. By good I mean what’s conventionally considered good which is straight, thick, and smooth. However, I never had that which means I never found a product that really suited my hair.

In the last few years, I am seeing a lot of natural brands especially those that talk about taking care of curly hair in a more meticulous manner. One of the haircare brands that I had high hopes for when I saw its advertisement was Tresseme. Since it was advertised as a brand made for pros of hair styling, I thought of giving this a try.

Before much thought, I went straight to their cult Tresseme Keratin Hair Mask that deeply nourishes hair with the power of Marula Oil. Keep reading to see how my experience was with this product.

Review of Tresemme Keratin Hair Mask

Packaging: The Tresemme hair mask comes in a giant plastic tub of red color and has a black lid on top.  Black and red is the color of their Keratin range (it has shampoo/conditioner/mask/serum). One look at the product and you can tell, the packaging isn’t meant to look aesthetic in any way. But it is very convenient to use and has every information possible.

Ingredients: It is always nice to check the key ingredients of the product that you will use. We often do it as a must while buying skincare products but often forget this practice when choosing haircare products. This Tresemme hair mask has two main ingredients Keratin and marula oil. Both of these are excellent for replenishing dry and damaged hair. Check out the complete list of ingredients here.

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Consistency: The consistency of this hair mask is the best. It is neither too thick nor too runny. When I applied it to my hair it glided quite smoothly. Its consistency makes it quite easy to apply to hair evenly.

Texture: When I checked it was a deep-conditioning mask meant to use after hair wash, I was a bit worried about its texture. I thought it would be too sticky and would make a mess. However, I am glad I was wrong and the Tresseme Mask isn’t sticky at all. It doesn’t have the stickiness of a regular conditioner in fact it has the softness of a face cream.

Fragrance: First of all, I don’t know what it is but I just love the fragrance of hair care products. I absolutely don’t like the fragrance in moisturizers and creams but for some reason, I usually like the smell of shampoos, conditioners, and masks. Tresemme Keratin hair mask has a strong scent. So if you have a sensitive scalp that gets irritated easily, please do a patch test before fully applying it.

How to Apply Tresemme Hair Mask

I followed the instructions written on the jar. After washing the hair, I skipped the conditioner and applied the Tresemme Hair Mask for 5 minutes then I rinsed with water. It is recommended on the jar to do it once a week minimum or do it as often as needed. In the first week, I used the mask twice a week, and since then I have been applying it once a week.

My Experience

I have the kind of hair that just doesn’t let go of frizz and unruliness in any kind of season. They just stay dry and difficult to manage in all four seasons, only the intensity changes a little. When I first used it, I had really high expectations from this deep conditioning mask and I am glad it fulfilled those.

The hair mask undeniably delivered what it promised. After using it my hair was so smooth and tangle-free for the next two days. My hair was never this manageable as they are now. It makes everyday styling so easy for me. The ends of my hair which I trim regularly but still look dry now look so shiny and moisturized. I would say this is a mask that is a must-have for those with curly hair as this hair type is notorious for dry and lifeless. In a budget of under $10, this is perhaps the best hair mask that you will get. This is surely the haircare product that I will keep restocking.

If you struggle with unruly and frizzy hair, this hair mask will undoubtedly become your favorite! However, it is worth noting that while the mask claims to straighten hair, it will definitely not do that. What it will do is make your wavy hair softer and glossier. It will also make the straightening process easy since your hair will be so manageable and tamed. Finally, I would say this is one of those rare hair care products that work amazingly for curly hair.


Easily available online and in stores

Practical packaging

Nourishes and smoothens the hair

Detangles each strand (a big win for curly hair)

Keeps hair soft and glossy

Smells good


Apart from the straightening false claim none (it’s a great product)

Hello Readers! Tell me what did you think of my Tresemme Keratin Hair Mask Review. Tell me in the comments below which hair mask do you swear by.