Know All About 5 Most Trendy Makeup Looks Of 2021

Trendy Makeup Looks

2021 is half gone and in the short period of six months, we have seen some of the most trendy makeup looks. Makeup is meant to be fun and playful finally people are understanding that it doesn’t just have to be black eyeliner and red lipstick. There is so much more you can play around with only if you show some creativity.

Face Framing Eyebrows

When people started overdrawing their eyebrows many beauty magazines predicted this trend will also go away just like the awful over-plucked 2000s eyebrow. But it’s 2021 and the bold eyebrow is still one of the most trendy makeup looks. People cannot get enough that by how just sorting and making their eyebrows a little thick can make their features look symmetric.

Some people have gone the extra mile and went for the micro-blading option to get more longevity. While is a good option for many it does come with a lot of costs and you know you have to endure pain too. A less painful substitute for this is a micro-brow pencil. With these, people your brow will look as natural as it can unlike that obvious over-drawn that anyone can spot from a mile away.

Fox Eyes

If you are a Kylie Jenner follower you might be anticipating this since you read the title. There is no doubt 2021 is the year fox eyes look has officially taken over the world. Every supermodel has this look in their photoshoots and Kylie basically has them every day. Fox eyes are a perfect solution for those who have droopy eyes, it gives the illusion of a wider outer crease.

If you have never been able to do a classic wing liner because of your droopy lid, fox eyes are the perfect solution for you. It gives your eyes the instant lift which otherwise is only possible after spending a lot of money on surgery.

Metallic Eyeshadows

It might be hard to believe but not everyone is an eyeliner person. Some people just love to play with the eyeshadows that make their eye color pop. After Euphoria one of the biggest makeup trends that emerged was Metallic eyeshadows.

Metallic eyeshadows can be used either to create the most fun look or if used in darker shades it can take your smokey look to sultry with just one swipe. There has never been a more good time to try metallic eyeshadow than now. It might look intimidating at first but after using metallic ones I can guarantee the regular matte ones will look kinda boring.

Colorful Mascaras

Long gone are the days when the only option to heavy-coat your lashes was in black. Today just like liners mascaras are also available in every color imaginable. Over the years blue mascara has gained a fan following of its own. If you like to stay on the classic route with a bit of twist then you should try dark blue mascara. But if you like to have no limits then neon-colored mascara are your best friends. These days it’s all about the eyes and you will never know what works for you unless you try it. So don’t be shy and try that colored mascara which you always just add to your cart only to remove it later.

Funky Eyeliners

For ages, women have only applied black eyeliners to make their eyes look more appealing but now the funky colors have taken over 2021. With a face mask covering half your face people have moved beyond what was once considered classic. They are experimenting with the looks which earlier they didn’t at the risk of being judged.

You can avail it in both forms; water-activated or pencil. The Water-activated ones are more in demand because they give more room to be artistic. After all pen eyeliners of various colors might not gel that well into each other. Also using a precision brush is always a good idea especially if you are a beginner. Just lightly dip your eyeliner brush in water and then smoothly glide across the solid eyeliner. Now apply in whichever shape you desire, you could either go for a classic wing eyeliner or can get a little inspiration from all the amazing beauty gurus out there.

Neon liners don’t always have to be put on like regular eyeliners. You can also use it to create a more colorful look by simply drawing some cute shapes at the outer corner of your lid. As I said the more you play with makeup the more fun it gets.


If the year 2020 has taught us something it’s that life is too short to be worrying about other’s judgment. Even with something as fun as makeup society has made rules of what might be socially acceptable. Now is the time to realize that trendy makeup looks don’t come from routine, it forms when bold people challenge the routine. So make your own trends and let the people see how creative freedom feels like. Just buy some high-quality makeup products and start experimenting with your looks. This will help you discover your style, your look, and even your personality. Don’t try to find yourself in others’ makeup looks always add your personal touch to make it more unique.