5 Simple Habits That Can Add Daily Positivity In Your Life

Daily Positivity

Daily positivity is something that has seemed to vanish from the life of the current generation. Today everyone is leading two lives one in the real world and the other on social media. Maintaining an image in both can become an overwhelming experience. Not everyone has the mental capacity to take this stress and people end up going to a very dark place because of it. It’s important to know how to be more appreciative and grateful so the world can keep on being an inspiring place. Now we will talk about the five ways that can bring daily positivity to your life:

Exercise and Meditation

Everyone knows the importance of exercise to stay physically fit but it is also great in keeping a healthy mind. According to Healthline, doing exercise can make one feel productive and as result, they feel good about themselves. In these trying times where lockdown has become an unlikeable but essential part of our life, working out has become more important than ever. If you stay consistent in following a good workout routine then you will also get to see the results of your hard work.

There is a reason why active people have that positivity radiating off them even if you meet them early in the morning. While exercise is good for staying active and not get consumed by negative thoughts, meditation is all about ending it on a zen note. You can also practice meditation to keep your wits in such a gloomy situation. Practicing it daily will give a positive perspective and certain control over your thought process.

Breathing Exercises To Stay Calm

Most of the time our mind predicts the worst outcome of any challenging situation. At that moment we forget to focus on the more positive side and wait for the worst thing to happen. More often than not the waiting comes with physical discomforts like irregular heartbeat or uneven breathing. That condition can only make you fear for your life instead of giving you a rational solution so to counter these the first thing required is to have somewhat good control over your natural reactions. You need to know what triggers the worst kind of physical reactions and how to control them. The first thing to learn is a few basic breathing exercises so that when you start feeling the panic takeover you are able to do something about it immediately. A sense of calm amidst the unwanted chaos is the key to incorporating daily positivity in your life.

Keep A Grateful Journal

This may seem a childish idea at first but it has proven to be necessary for adopting an optimistic lifestyle. You definitely don’t need to start by writing “Dear Diary” but at least write what are you grateful for today. The pleasure you find in simple things is impossible to find anywhere else especially in their expensive counterparts. All you need to is appreciate the simplicity of your life and you will stop fixating on the small issues which can be resolved easily.

Be Helpful To Others

There is no greater pleasure in the world than the pleasure of helping others. Helping someone in need will give you a sense of purpose. It will make you a responsible human being who then understands the consequences of his action. You can make use of whatever resource you are blessed with. If it’s money great but if you have time that can also help people who have no one to talk to. There are enough lonely people in the world who sometimes need to talk to the right kind of people.

Don’t Stay On Internet For Too Long

Last but not least is to differentiate between the real and reel life. The world of the internet may seem extremely real but at the end of the day, it’s extremely fabricated. Watching others’ seemingly perfect life is bound to take a toll on your mental health. Other people’s success may be inspiring at first but after a while, you are just left with an unfair comparison.

What you see is just the result. You don’t know their journey and struggles so you assume they don’t have any which can mess up with your mindset. Just remember a wise man once said ”The best things that can happen to a person will happen to you if only you lower your expectations.” If you get this reference we are already friends, if you don’t you need to work on your “Philsosophy”.

Tell me in the comments below what is your go-to technique for to get that dose of daily positivity, and to have a little serotonin take our fun quizzes to learn a little more about yourself!