Affordable Beauty Products From BTS Skincare Routine

BTS skincare routine

We look at celebrities thinking that they must use the most expensive products only. It can be argued that they do have the means and resources to get the highest quality of products. BTS being the biggest boyband in the world for the last couple of years definitely have the money to splurge on any luxury brand. In some interviews they also explicitly told the products they swear by. Now thanks to a lot of their behind-the-scenes footage that can be found on YouTube, you can also see some drugstore products that BTS uses in their everyday skincare routine. These are usually the brands that haven’t hired them to promote the product. This even increases the authenticity of how good is the quality of the product.

Not everyone has the money to buy most of the stuff that is owned by BTS. This is why this post would be especially great for their fans who want to buy something that is owned by their idol. Let’s take a look at the affordable beauty products that BTS diligently uses in their makeup and skincare routine.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

This COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch is a must-have for acne-prone skin. For years, these hydrocolloid patches are being hailed as one of the best quick solutions to calm down throbbing zits and pimples. Jungkook “the golden maknae” of BTS has talked about dealing with acne in the past. He has also shared that this COSRX acne patch works for him as it gets the job done efficiently.

Using them will give two benefits: It will keep the zit away from catching dirt and sweat and secondly, it will provide heat that will soften the gunk stuck inside. The best way to use it is to apply it at night and remove it in the morning. When you’ll wake up the next morning there will be some sticky residue on your sticker and your pimple will be significantly reduced.

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Crème

Physiogel is one of the most recommended brands by dermatologists. If your skin suffers from severe dryness then you should definitely check out Physiogel as their products work extremely well. There is also a full review available on Physiogel Calming Relief Lotion on this blog. Kim Tae-Hyung aka V has confirmed using this drugstore holy grail product. If you are looking for a perfect moisturizer, your search might end after buying this one.

You can use this after cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser. Then use a toner with a cotton pad, after that apply the Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Crème once in the morning and once at night. It will keep your skin hydrated for a long time without feeling heavy on it.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream

Etude is one of those K-brands that magnified the influence of the K-beauty industry in the world. The product quality that Etude offers at reasonable prices is the reason why skincare enthusiasts rave about it. One such Etude customer is the golden vocalist Jungkook. At the time of their debut, he was just 15 which means he started using heavy makeup products fairly early as a part of his job. This collagen deep cream nourishes dehydrated skin and gives long-lasting results.

Etude Moistfull Collagen deep cream glides on the skin smoothly and this is why people with sensitive skin love using it. You don’t have to use a lot of product, just take a little product on your finger and apply it on your clean face.

Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine Strawberry

It won’t be a lie to say that each BTS members have such perfect lips. All of them really show that different types of lips can look good with just a little bit of tint. If we talk about the shapes then RM, Jin, and Jimin have those dreamy plumpy lips. V has got the most perfect shape that turns into a charming boxy smile. J-HOPE has the prettiest heart shape lips. Suga and Jungkook have small but cute lips.

To complete their look, they are often seen using various lip tints. Nivea is a popular German skincare brand whose products can be found in almost every household. They might not have the lushest packaging but the products do deliver. Their one such product Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine Strawberry can be seen in the hands of RM and Jungkook.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

Who among us hasn’t used Vaseline, right? It seems that even BTS members can’t deny the vast reach of Vaseline. This is probably one of those products that multiple members have been recording using. From RM to Jungkook, most members have been seen applying Vaseline Lip Therapy as a way to moisturize their lips.

The tint of this lip therapy is so perfect that it might be one of the main reasons behind members using it. It is neither too dark nor too light. Also, it stays on the lips for a long time and doesn’t fade away like many other lip tints.

So this was our list of the beauty products that even BTS uses in their real lives. Things like these make us realize how despite having millions of dollars they also don’t shy away from using regular products.  A lot of newbies fall prey to the concept of only the most expensive being the best. You need to remember not every good product has to be luxury or high-end.

Tell us in the comments below which one of these products from BTS skincare routine you also have in your beauty bag.