Top 4 Wattpad Adapted Movies & Series To Watch This Weekend

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For years best-selling novels provided the inspiration for creating a hit movie or show. But now times have changed and giant-streaming channels like Netflix want stories that are popular among the masses. A few years ago nobody would have even cared for the stories that started as fanfictions. That all changed when Netflix came into the existence. Since it became online 15 years ago, the site has garnered over 500 million users.

The stories published on Wattpad were written by writers who were either just trying their writing skills or trying to imagine their idol in an alternate universe. But now those same writers can get lucrative deal offers from streaming platforms after their work has been noticed by enough people. Let’s take a look at those Wattpad stories that successfully transitioned to Netflix’s must-watch:

After Series

Undoubtedly, After is one of the biggest Wattpad success stories ever. Today it is a successful movie franchise made by Netflix but a decade ago it was just a Harry Styles fanfiction. Tess a good-natured, studious, wide-eyed college freshman met with the ultimate bad boy Hardin Scott.

Initially, both of them repulsed each other but then it all changed. The ups and downs of their relationship resulted in two more hit sequels; After We Collided and After We Fell. The success of “After” was revolutionary for fanfic writers.

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth is also a major boost for the Wattpad writers. The story was always a hit among the audience on the reading platform. It won the Watty’s Award the year it was first published. Elle Evans and Lee Flynn were best friends until Elle develop feelings for his best friend’s older brother who’s just hotter than the sun.

To create a movie on a quirky girl in a love triangle was the best decision taken by Netflix. It was a perfect summer watch and has become one of the best teen romcoms to come out in recent years. Because of the success of the first movie, it also became a trilogy and luckily all of them are worthy of success.

Through My Window

Netflix’s latest collaboration with the Wattpad is a Spanish teen thriller movie. At the TADUM event, the official announcement was made. The teaser of A Través De Mi Ventana (Through My Window) was unveiled on 31st October. and the movie released on 22nd February 2022. Raquel is secretly obsessed with his neighbor Ares.

The thing is Ares knows about Raquel’s obsession with him and she is also not afraid to admit it to him. If you are bored of watching shy girl romcoms then this one should definitely be on your watch list.

Just The Way You Are

Well, this might not be an official Netflix adaptation but it is available on it. The Filipino teen movie is based on the Wattpad book named “The Bet”. Things get complicated for Drake when he falls for the nerdy girl after betting his friend that he will make her fall for him. The movie is an easy watch that can be enjoyed on a lazy weekend.

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