How Fenty Beauty Forever Raised The Bar Of Celebrity Brands? 

fenty beauty best celebrity brand

Some people are born to make history in whatever they choose to see. Arguably, Rihanna seems to be one of those people. When Rihanna debuted in 2006, she kept on giving consecutive hits for the next decade. After that, she took a hiatus from singing and performing to focus more on launching her own makeup brand.

The Earnest Effort

After much anticipation, Fenty Beauty was finally unveiled in 2017. Soon after the launch, it could be seen that it was Rihann’s passion project. She was not just another A-Lister trying to cash in on the beauty industry by using her popularity. Fenty Beauty’s vision was clear with its vast product range, it was truly a brand made for everyone. The inclusivity and diversity Rihanna showed, were game-changers for the beauty community. This commitment to inclusivity, combined with the high quality of Fenty Beauty products, has made it a standard for other makeup brands.

Undoubtedly the winning stroke for Fenty Beauty was its foundation range. It took Rihanna to make a 50-shade range for other brands to realize how truly diverse skin colors can be. This made Fenty Beauty a go-to brand for people of color. As they knew that there is a high chance their perfect foundation shade would be available in the vast shade range. Since people with darker skin tones always felt ignored by big brands, for them Fenty Beauty became a savior.

fenty beauty best celebrity brand
Credit: George Milton via Pexels

The Secret Behind The Foundation-For-All

While everybody talked a lot about the skin shade range, there was another genius aspect behind it that made it work so spectacularly. This was because the brand prioritized the undertones while making the foundation shade formula. This meant that everyone could find that one shade that would match their natural undertone; warm cool or neutral. In the past, if you had ordered a shade that matched exactly your skin color but then it didn’t suit you, the problem was the incorrect undertone. All this attention to detail pointed to the fact of how deeply passionate Rihanna and her team were about making this a brand for all.

Being in show business gave Rihanna an insight into the discrimination that many models face. The beauty standard for models is ridiculously narrow-minded. When got a chance, Rihanna changed it by showcasing people from different backgrounds and ethnicities in Fenty Beauty’s marketing materials. This sent across an important message everyone was seen and valued by the brand. When people saw themselves represented in the brand’s promotional material, they felt an instant connection.

fenty beauty best celebrity brand
Credit: Unsplash

Bad Experience Made Good Formulas

Talking about the lady herself, Rihanna really poured all of her experience and learnings into Fenty Beauty. In interviews, she always talked about her frustrating experience of not being able to find the correct foundation shade. Apart from makeup, she has always highlighted the need for more inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry. The Work singer used her platform to advocate for change. This made her a beauty fashion icon for those who always felt sidelined by other luxury brands.

In the past, many celebrity brands have failed because of low product quality. While there were a lot of perfect promotion campaigns and whatnot, the product at the end was simply disappointing. However, Rihanna and her team didn’t compromise on product quality and delivered only the best. Every Fenty Beauty product from foundations to lipsticks is known for being long-lasting and high-quality. It was a big feat to achieve because in the past some brands have tried to sell substandard products behind the veil of big claims.

The SuperBowl Plug-in

Even long before launching Fenty Beauty, Rihanna had cemented her status as a fashion icon who never tried to play it safe. Her creativity was seen in everything she did from her show-stopping outfits (remember the yellow MET Gala gown) to her daring hairstyles. The free-spirited pop star never shied away from sporting a bold look. She always danced to her own tune, quite literally. This ability of hers always keeps people on their toes about her next move and boy does she deliver!

The best example of that is her recent Superbowl performance. She delivered a memorable performance even after being heavily pregnant. This was a testament to her being a bonafide legend. She used Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder in between her performance and that was enough to increase the search for her brand by 1400%. This only tells Rihanna always knows what she’s doing and that’s why her brand is far superior to other celebrity brands out there. Since Fenty Beauty did everything right, they also kept in mind to manufacture the product responsibly to reduce its carbon footprint. The brand uses sustainable packaging which is made from recycled materials. This highlights that Rihanna truly wants to make an impact with Fenty Beauty and her whole focus isn’t on only making money.

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