Charcoal Mask Reality…Hit or Miss?

Fiabila Charcoal Mask
In recent years we have seen many crazy trends on the internet where some soaked their hair in Coca Cola to get better shine some are blending their foundation with their iPhone cases.
Today we will discuss that beauty trend which has made everyone try it at least once in the last two years. It’s none other than the sensationalized Charcoal Mask.

I’ll be honest I came to know about this product by watching a viral Charcoal Mask Fails video. At first, I thought it’s another way just to go viral and no one might actually try it but soon every beauty guru was trying it and it became a must-try skincare product.

My Experience:

When I was looking for reviews before buying it I realized it has divided the beauty community into two parts, one who swears by its magic ingredient and the other who calls it a health hazard. Of Course, I gave in to this internet temptation and bought one for myself. Upon using it I realized the following things
  • Charcoal Masks are extremely over-rated
  • They get rid of blackheads and facial hair like any peel-off mask
  • Overusing it can dry and irritate your skin beyond repair as it strips the skin of nature which works as a barrier between pollution and your skin.
  • It can even rip skin sometimes which is something you really don’t want to do.
  • Using it once a month may be fine but not more than that.


If you really want to try it purchase a branded one please do not apply a DIY one with glue and activated charcoal. As the glue is not something you put on your face because it will damage your skin.

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