Coconut Oil- One Oil Many Wonders

Coconut oil

Today we’ll talk about something that is available in most of, if not every household. Yes if you guessed it right Bingo it’s Coconut Oil! An oil for every season. If most of us saw it just as a champion in the haircare world then you will be glad to know that that’s just scratch the surface of this wonder oil. If it was up to me Coconut Oil would have had its own throne among other oils(Oops! I am drifting What can I say April is still isn’t here and GOT fans to know how long has it been!) Well without further ado I am presenting you coconut Oil benefits that you might not know or have known (but forgot over time).

HairCare Hero

Let’s get done with the obvious one. Yes, it can do wonders for your hair by making it smoother but you’ll be surprised to know it’s excellent to heal lice and bug bites. It’s an excellent way to get rid of dandruff. Just putting in your hair for over a night can give better results than any other deep conditioning mask in the market.

 Natural Makeup Remover

Two drops of coconut oil on a clean wipe can easily do what those expensive high-end makeup removers claim to do. It is cheap, it is effective and more importantly, it is safe. It keeps your skin safe and gets makeup off easily.

Coconut Oil Great Moisturizer for Skin

Coconut Oil is a best friend for your dry skin. You don’t need to do some over-complicated DIYs with tons of other essential oils and seeds. Just a little amount of coconut oil applied on your face (hands and feet too if they are dry) before you go to sleep and (cues Confidence music) Wakeup to baby smooth skin.

Key to Healthy Teeth

Yes, that’s right Coconut Oil holds a significant position in dental care as well. Oil  Pulling is something which many people swear by (including me) in keeping their teeth healthy, white, and mouth odorless. You just need to take a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and keep it squishing in for 20 to 30 minutes and then spit it out (Caution: Do not let it swallow as it is extremely hazardous). This will keep your gums strong,  teeth clean by removing stubborn stains and detoxify your body.

 Healthy Olive Oil Substitute

It is a great substitute for Olive Oil to cook your food in. As it boosts immunity and keeps your heart healthy. Another good news is it’s cheaper than Olive Oil so you don’t need to give up on your health because you have other items to buy too on your grocery list. Happy Stir-frying your chicken in Coconut Oil.

 Lip Balm

Before all these wars between high-end or drugstore lip balm, there was just one product which was used as lip scrub in solid form and a lip oil in liquid form YES! It was coconut oil. It is still the best choice to keep your lips healthy, plump, and pink without added chemicals and a hole in your pocket.

Natural Highlighter

Yes, you read it right, it can be used as a highlighter to give those cheekbones the glow they deserve.  You just need to pour a drop of coconut oil on your palm and use the index finger of the other hand to lightly spread it above your cheeks and on the tip of your nose.

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