Esfolio Milk Jelly Pack Review: A Texture With A Trick

esfolio milk jelly pack review

Last month, I ran out of my daily moisturizer and I was looking to try out something new. Out of all the moisturizers I saw, I was most intrigued by Esfolio Milk Jelly Pack Moisturizer. Before this I had tried, Esfolio 3HA Toner, and you guys showed great response on that review. Now let’s dive straight into the Esfolio Milk Jelly Pack review:

What Is Esfolio Jelly Pack Range?

Esfolio has a whole Jelly Pack range that focuses on providing intense hydration to the skin. These products are designed to replenish moisture and help maintain a healthy skin barrier. They are suitable for those with dry or dehydrated skin. Besides Milk Jelly Pack, the other options were Snail and Collagen. You can check the whole ingredient list of Esfolio Milk Jelly here.

esfolio milk jelly pack review
Credit: Style Rants

Performance of Esfolio Milk Jelly Pack

Application: After cleaning the face with a good face wash. You can slather on an appropriate amount of the jelly pack onto the face. Spread the product evenly and gently pat it to aid absorption. The moisturizer will then quickly absorb in a few seconds.

Packaging: The jelly pack came in a white plastic jar in which you can see the product. You have to rotate the lid to open it. Then there is another lid on which there is a tiny white spoon. To get to the jelly you have to take the spoon out and remove the lid.

Scent: It has a milky scent. If you can’t guess what that is then think it has a bit of cardboard dust-ish smell. I know it’s very specific but that’s exactly what it smells like. It’s not pleasant or bothersome. The good thing is that the smell only stays for a few seconds.

Texture: The term “jelly pack” in the name is the reason why I bought this moisturizer. I wanted to see whether it was something unique or just a creative name. Well, as soon as I saw its texture I got my answer. It really is like a big white jelly block. It even keeps on bobbing slightly just like a jelly.

First Impression: Once I saw the texture of the moisturizer, I realized why the spoon was there. It was to get out the product more elegantly. But don’t try to put the product directly on your face with the spoon like you can do with some clay masks. With Esfolio Milk Jelly Pack, the product can bounce off your face if only applied with a spoon, it won’t stick. The correct way is to transfer the the product from spoon on your hand then emulsify it before putting it on the face.

esfolio milk jelly pack review
Credit: Style Rants

Unique Texture of Esfolio Milk Jelly

When I opened the lid, I found the moisturizer’s jelly-like texture to be quite unique. But hold on, the real surprise was how the product shifted to its original form even when I had taken a spoonful out of it. When I took out the product, the moisturizer started becoming even, and within a few seconds, the product looked like it had never been touched. I found it really fascinating and tested it for quite some time. Each time the same thing happened!

Esfolio Milk Jelly Pack Review

Now let’s come to the real result, Did it work or was it just a gimmicky jelly product? Well, the good news is that the moisturizer worked great. It was extremely light on the skin and quickly got absorbed. I even felt it gave the skin a quick brightening as soon as I applied it. The moisturizer is good for everyday use for normal to dry skin. Due to its texture, I won’t recommend it to those with oily skin. It is also not good for those who are going through any kind of skin condition, it truly only works on normal skin.


  • Unique Texture
  • A Solid Moisturizer
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adequate Quantity


  • Not for all skin types

Final Thoughts

I have been using this moisturizer for over a month and I have realized it is just a regular moisturizer. Beneath all the jelly fun, there is nothing fancy going on. I am just glad that the moisturizer works well as an easy everyday gel cream. I did enjoy what it had to offer but I don’t think I’ll buy it again. Buy it if you want some jelly fun in your skincare routine!