Esfolio 3HA Clear Toner Review

Esfolio 3HA clear toner

The craze of K-beauty has taken the world by storm. At this point, many prominent American and European companies can also not compete against the following that Korean brands have acquired. In amidst of many fan-favorite K-brands, some underrated ones don’t get the mention that they deserve. Esfolio is also one such brand that needs more attention. Over the last few months, I have been seeing a lot of Esfolio products (check my review of Esfolio Milk Jelly Pack) and now finally I have decided to purchase their highly-reviewed 3HA Toner.

Is Esfolio A Good Brand?

Before I talk about Esfolio’s Toner, I want to tell you more about this brand. They have such a vast range of products that can rival any other popular Korean skincare brand. It consists of gel masks, peeling gels, sheet masks, moisturizers, toners, and much more. Esfolio is a sister brand of the famous brand Pure Skin. Just like other K brands Esfolio also put heavy emphasis on using natural products to counter skin problems. Most of their products are suitable for all skin types and if you are looking for a budget-friendly Korean brand then this is it.

What Is Esfolio 3HA Clear Toner?

Now let’s come back to the 3HA Toner. Actually, Esfolio has launched a whole 3HA skincare range out of which I have only picked their Toner to try right now. The 3HA in the name specifies three types of acids used; AHA, BHA, and PHA. PHA was the main ingredient that prompted me to buy this product. While I have seen the formula of AHA and BHA in many toners, I hardly ever saw PHA. Little research on PHA told me that it is even more gentle on the skin than the other 2HA. If you have extremely sensitive skin which can get irritated with the 2HA formula then you should check out those formulas which have PHA.

If you want to check out the more ingredients used in Esfolio 3HA Clear Toner then check this IncideCoder.

Esfolio 3HA Toner

Overall Performance Of Esfolio 3HA Toner

How to apply?: The best way to apply any toner is after cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser. Then, there are two ways through which you can apply toner. One is to apply it by hand and then use a cotton pad. The other is to put the product directly on a cotton pad and then use that toner-soaked cotton pad on your face. Choose the way which works the best for you, I personally like the second way as I don’t like touching my face a lot right after cleaning it.

Fragrance: I would have preferred if it was completely fragrance-free but it isn’t. However, the smell is extremely mild and won’t bother you.

How’s the packaging?: Esfolio 3HA Clear Toner comes in a high-quality plastic bottle with a sealed top. Once you open the cap and remove the seal, you’d be able to get the product through a small hole. If you prefer using toner in a spray bottle then you can always transfer the product to a clean and empty spray bottle.

What’s the texture?: The toner is runny like water which is why you’d have to be careful while putting getting the product out on your hand or cotton pad. If not you’d end up spilling the product.

Esfolio 3HA Clear Toner Review

Before using Esfolio 3HA Toner I never used any toner quite regularly. The reason behind it was that my skin always used to get really dry after using western toners. Those toners had a high amount of alcohol which dried my skin more than it cleansed. In summer, my skin also gets really oily around the T-Zone which results in a lot of sebum production in that area. I have noticed after using Esfolio regularly for three weeks my skin has remained quite clean. Due to daily using the combination of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer my skin now looks really plump and hydrated. Esfolio 3HA toner has also made a drastic decrease in the blackheads around my nose. 


  • Cost is super duper affordable
  • Quantity is amazing for the price
  • Toner didn’t dry out my skin
  • It deeply cleanses the skin without irritating it


  • I really didn’t find any

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