Top 5 Hair Styling Tools That Can Make You Look Like A Diva

top 5 hair styling tools

No glam routine is ever complete without working some magic hair styling tools on your hair. Searching these tools on your own can be overwhelming. There is a wide variety of hair styling tools available for every kind of hair imaginable. There are some hairstyling gadgets who if used incorrectly can end up damaging your hair beyond repair. The only way to not become a victim of this is by owning the most commonly used hair styling tools. Also, read hairstyling tips by the celebrity stylists who are telling you secrets straight from the red carpet. No matter the hair type you can use all these tools. If you own these 5 tools you wouldn’t need to buy anything else.

Blow Dryer

If you swoon over the luscious prim and properly parted hair of an actress on the red carpet then you should know a good blow dryer has made that look achievable. Today the use of a hairdryer has become quite basic. It is only used to set the base of creating a good hair look. But there was a time in the 90s when blow dryers were used to their maximum potential. Remember Cindy Crawford’s and Denise Richard’s thick feathered hair which made us all go gaga over that crazy voluminous hair look. All that volume is achievable with the help of a good blow dryer and a round brush. So next time if you are feeling a bit more glamorous then don’t hesitate to try the supermodel hairstyle.

Hair Straightener

Now, who doesn’t love a no BS sleek straight look? Straight hair has to be the most classic hairstyle. At some point in our life, all of us curly-haired beauties have craved that silky smooth hair. Sleek hair can be elegantly tied into a ponytail or a bun without any frizzy flyaways. Straightening irons have been the most sought-after hair styling tool for a long time but now what truly has changed the game for many is the hair straightening brush. I am one of those lazy bums who think using a brush with a hair straightener is way too much effort. And often end up doing a quick straightening routine to make the hair more tame rather than straight. So for me, a hair straightening brush is nothing short of a magic tool. It’s easy as using a hairbrush on your hair. Instead of just detangling it this wonder gadget also straightens it in the process.

Curling Iron

Let’s talk about those who aren’t blessed with bouncy curly looks. People with straight hair often like to switch it up by adding the right kind of curls. This adds a bit of oomph to their appearance and give some personality to their hair. The best way to quickly achieve that is with the help of a curling rod. You just have to divide your hair into small sections and then after applying heat protectant wrap each section one by one to the rod until they are curled. This process only takes a few seconds do not count by minutes as it will burn your hair. After that section is curled slowly get it off the curling iron, without opening it. Then wait for it to be cool. If you want true curls then you can set your hair without touching the curls so they don’t get spoiled in the process. But if you want more of a beachy wave look then slowly run your fingers through the curls so they open a bit and turn into soft curls which is a trademark look of Blake Lively and Sofia Vergara.

Hair Rollers

Curly-haired people do not have a very good alternative for a hair straightening tool. But for straight-haired people, there is an extremely viable option if they don’t want to use heat on their hair. That option is the hair rollers. Hair Rollers are an even greater replacement for the blow dryer. They can get that volume without having you apply heat to your hair. There is a wide variety of hair rollers available for whatever hairstyle you would want. The big rollers are great for that Brazilian Blowout look while the long bendy ones are great for the curls. The best thing about them is no one is able to tell the difference between a hairstyle that is achieved by Hair rollers or the one styled by hot styling tools. Once you learn the right technique to use the rollers then you won’t ever need to buy another high-budget styling tool ever again.

All-in-one Hair Styling Tools

On one hand, we have the simplicity of only using hair rollers for faking expensive blowout looks and on the other, we have luxuries like 3-in-1 styling tools. All major hairstyles can be achieved with this one tool. It starts from diffusing to blow-drying and then as per your need if you want it to be curled or styled. Dyson has truly changed the game when it comes to luxury hair styling tools. If you don’t have the time and patience to learn the method of each of the tools with a singular function, then all you need is to learn how to be an expert in all-in-one tools.
These are the five must-have tools if you are a beginner, you can always start with buying the most basic one and then work your way up to the most advanced one.