How to become a style icon like Rihanna

Style Icon like Rihanna

You know how all of us dream to be either one of these things a pop star, movie star, business mogul, philanthropist, or just a really cool person (what..some of us just wants to be cool so that people would like to hang out with us) well Rihanna became all that. Anyone who has been following her journey must have thought once that at least how to become a style icon like Rihanna.
The woman owns one of the biggest beauty brands and a luxury fashion line. It’s safe to assume that she knows a thing or two about fashion. Every outing of her has tips on how to look chic in a street style. Just like that, every red carpet look of hers tells how to go EXTRA. While we may not have her team of stylists and makeup artists to give us a makeover but to ace our fashion game her blueprint will also do:

Be Daring With Your Hairstyle

Rihanna’s hairstyles are almost as well-known as her songs. Who can forget her fiery red curls in What’s My Name? Every music video of hers features a new hairstyle. Watching all her songs you’ll realize nothing will give an instant makeover like a good haircut. It has the ability to change your face and accentuate your features. After a good haircut, a nice color would give you a more polished look. Every day can be a good hair day if you have a nice haircut.

When in Doubt Go Red

Seeing Rihanna all dolled up for public appearances you may think that all the credit goes to her entourage. But there are few doable makeup tips you can learn from a style icon like Rihanna to add that oomph factor to your daily routine. Wearing bold red lipstick is always a good idea. It works for both daytime and nighttime look. A statement red lip will take away the focus from the rest of your features so even if you don’t do anything else, it will give the illusion of you being completely ready.

Get Creative With Your Manicure

The power of a manicure is always underestimated. Instead of going the french route try to do something more daring this time. A quirky look will be incomplete without a funky manicure. Even if you are feeling your outfit and makeup is looking a bit plain then a fun manicure is all you need.

Less is More on Streets

Street style has always been very chic aesthetically. Earlier celebs were spotted in shiny dresses even when they were not going to the red carpet but times have changed now. Rihanna takes the cake when it comes to mixing high-end fashion with street style. Her shorts, thigh-high boots, and statement shirts can be replicated by anyone. If you aren’t so much into wearing skirts and dresses don’t worry Rihanna has got your look book covered.

Faux-Fur Is A Safe Bet

Nothing says sophisticated like faux fur. Rihanna has been spotted multiple times wearing oversized faux fur coats and they seem to tie her whole look down. This is the best hack if you are not in the mood of putting together an elaborate outfit or maybe just feeling a bit conscious. Not only the faux fur coats will take all the attention away from what you are wearing underneath but they will also make you look like a stunning DIVA!

More is More on Red Carpets

While the rule “Less Is More” may be a good mantra for daily style but it has no place on a red carpet. A style icon like Rihanna goes all out on a red carpet. She is regularly featured on Best Dressed list. She seems to have cracked the code for looking stunning in elaborate dresses. Her famous MET Gala yellow “omelet” dress was proof of this. While you may not be a regular on red carpets but you can always go all out on special occasions in your life.

Women Can Rock Tuxedos Too

Everyone is just now talking about genderless fashion after Harry Style’s Vogue photoshoot but Rihanna did that way back in the early 2010s. She wore a white tuxedo to VMA’s and totally nailed that look. Learn from this so that next time when you are out shopping, don’t let gender stereotypes be the reason for not buying it. Also, there shouldn’t be anything called Men’s Hoodies and sweatshirts, just grab what you like!

Snapbacks Can Make You Look Edgy

Now, who would dare to wear a snapback when you are sitting on the front row of a high-profile fashion show, only a style icon like Rihanna. Not only did she wear it to a fashion show she has been spotted multiple times wearing it. So if you feel something quirky is lacking in your outfit or if it’s not looking edgy enough without any hesitation go and put on that snapback.

Sunglasses Look Cool At Night

While this might be an unpopular opinion but Rihanna believes Sunglasses at night makes for a good accessory. When she doesn’t want to accessorize by any other way her sunglasses make for a perfect “Blow-Their-Mind” fashion statement. Who else remembers her pearls rimmed glassed from an iconic performance of Diamonds. If you are truly looking to stand out then you know what you need to put on next time.

Statement T-Shirts Supremacy

Street style has become a big craze over the years. While models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner serve straight out of runway looks on NYC streets, Rihanna tries to keep it on a minimal side. Her t-shirts are often giving out some message and she doesn’t let anything else take the focus from it.
There is no doubt Rihanna has a huge part in changing the styling of a pop star. When everyone wanted to dress girly like Disney icons Rihanna came with her androgynous mohawk and daring outfits to spice things up. Celebrating individuality is the core of her fashion and it should be enough to give the courage to become a style icon yourself.

Please share in the comments below which Rihanna’s look is your all-time favorite. I’ll go first I think nothing beats her “Good Girl Gone Bad” era