Is Lemon Good For Your Skin?

Is lemon good for your skin

One ingredient which has always got extremely polarizing reviews is Lemon. Some people call it a miracle toner while others start to feel itchy by just looking at it. Everyone knows lemon is packed with amazing health benefits, if lemon is good your skin then it becomes a secret potion in all your at-home face masks otherwise it’s just good enough for cooking.

Amazing for Even Skin Tone

Dark spots are a culprit behind ruining many beautiful, glowing skins. One day you will be having a good skin day the next next day dark spots will start appearing. They are way more common when you are above 40. Being in sun for an excessive amount of time will cause it in your later age. The worst thing about liver spots/dark spots is they are so hard to get rid of. They don’t vanish by applying a magic cream, with some good luck they’ll start fading slowly if something works for you. It has been proven from research that acid present in citrus juice can help tremendously in making the scars disappear slowly. The best way to apply it is by dipping a cotton pad in lemon juice and gently rubbing it on your face. Remember do not get aggressive with the rubbing as it can further damage your skin.

Good For Complexion

Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C. Its cleansing properties are well-known. If you don’t have sensitive skin lemon can be a great exfoliator for you. Lemon Juice is great for a lot of deep-rooted skin issues like dehydration and dark blemishes. If you can apply lemon directly to your face without it feeling super stingy then you can clear up those acne scars by just applying a small half-cut lemon on your face for no more than five minutes. It can be the quickest and most effective exfoliator.

Even Out Your Tan

The worst thing about cold weather is uneven tan. As glorious as your sunkissed skin looks in summer, all of it gets lost as soon as winter comes. Then you are just left with a weird irregular orange complexion. To make that orange tan go away quickly rub a half-cut lemon on the areas which need to more even.

No More Dry Elbows

If you are about to use lemon for the first time on your face, it is probably a good idea to do a patch test first. You can test it on your elbow, firstly it’s an ideal place for a patch test and secondly, it will be an excellent exfoliator for your dry elbows. You can either apply it directly or add some lemon juice to baking soda for even better results. Don’t forget to moisturize after exfoliating preferably with olive oil.

Gives Strong Bright Nails

You may not be entirely sure of the fact that is lemon good for your skin but there is one place where it can’t go wrong. Clean and bright nails are the most ignored aspect of self-care. Once you’ll learn how easy it is to get them you won’t ever go to salons for basic touch-ups. Add a few drops of lemon juice in two tablespoons of olive oil and then apply them on the nails with a cotton bud. When you will clean the excessive residue your nails will shine bright like a diamond. Then the tips will also not look as lifeless as before and of course, it will also help with the bacteria inside your nails.

Beats Dandruff

Dandruff is a common issue that keeps on increasing until its controlled. You can clean your hair with shampoo daily and still it won’t leave you alone. Using more hair-care products has a chance of only adding to the problem then solving it. But don’t worry here again lemon comes to the rescue. Add lemon juice into olive or coconut oil and then apply it to your scalp. It will drastically reduce the skin shedding greasiness also. Lemon has also one amazing benefit for the skin, it can also lighten your hair color. So if you wanted some natural-looking highlights without damaging your hair. Spray a mixture of lemon and water before going into the sun. Over time it will lighten that color without the help of any bleach.

What to Do if You Can’t Apply Lemon?

If you are someone who can’t apply lemon directly on your face but still wants to know that is Lemon good for your skin? There is a perfect solution for you. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to one glass of lukewarm water and drink it. Drinking this daily has so many health benefits, it will clear your skin to add a certain glow to it. It will also immensely help with your digestion issues which is just an added advantage of the drink.

Disclaimer: Do not apply lemon on your skin if you have extremely dry and scarred skin. Always consult your dermatologist first about lemon being irritant for your skin. Always do a patch test first to check if it causes any inflammation or not.