How To Make Stretch marks Go Away Completely?

Do stretch marks go way

Stretch marks are a huge concern, especially for women. The most common reason associated with Stretch marks is weight fluctuations but that isn’t the only cause behind it. But the worst thing about them is they stay forever on your body. You can transform your body by going through a major weight loss and the marks would still be there. Now you may be concerned about this: Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

In this day and age, even celebrities are all about being real about body issues and remove the stigma around them. You can see even the best in shape supermodels flaunting their stretch marks because there is nothing else to do than show it and inspire others to accept theirs too.

There are all kinds of treatments and expensive products which you can try but even those do not have any secret potion in them. They can only work to a certain extent which minimizes the appearance make them less noticeable.

Coming back to the main question, sadly the straight answer is no it is not possible to get rid of them completely. Now, this may be disheartening for many of you but don’t worry because there may be some tips worth your attention. Now if you want to make your stretch marks go away without breaking the bank, here are a few tips that would work for you:

Cover It With A Makeup

Now this one is more of a temporary fix. If you are just going out for a short while and want to wear a cute revealing dress then try putting some natural-looking makeup on your body. Just put on your foundation on the marks as you do on your face and voila! nobody would be able to tell the difference. The key here is to choose the same exact foundation so that you won’t have an issue while blending it.

Exfoliate Frequently

One thing everyone with stretch marks must do is exfoliate. It will remove the dead skin around the area which will help it moisturize, penetrate deeper into the fresh skin. It will also prevent dryness which will become a problem when a large amount of dead skin will pile up.

Stretch Marks Oil

After exfoliating what has proven to be beneficial is applying stretch mark oils. It makes the skin more moisturize and tone done the harsh appearance of the mark. Dry skin makes stretch marks more prominent and with the help of the right moisturizer the stretch marks will not stand out much. Coconut oil has been proven as a great moisturizer for daily use but if you don’t have that you can also use other essential oils like tea tree and rose etc.

Go For An Artificial Tan

Stretch marks are of a lighter shade than your regular skin tone which is why tanning will work well for covering them up. This isn’t the most ideal solution as it is costly and can damage your skin if done regularly. But you can reserve this option for super special occasions.

Not every option has to be as costly as artificial tanning. If you are looking to commit to something long-term then it’s better to try out home remedies that you can be certain of not having a side effect. Microneedling, Laser therapy, and cosmetic surgery are all available options but this should be your final option before that try to do everything that can make stretch marks go away. Below I have listed a few remedies that you should definitely try at least once: Some common Homemade remedies that will answer your question “Do stretch marks go away?”

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is nature’s answer to many skincare problems. Even for stretch marks all you need to do is apply fresh aloe vera gel on the affected skin. It will help with the moisture immensely which will make your skin soft. It is also great for cell regeneration which will show results over time.

Take More Vitamin A Supplements

Vitamin A is a very essential vitamin for keeping healthy skin. If for some reason you can’t take the tablets just apply its extract over your stretch marks topically. It is great for giving collagen that boasts which makes skin stay young and fresh. It also helps with elastic production which makes the skin stay soft and tight.

Coconut Oil

As mentioned before coconut oil can work wonders on your stretch marks. It doesn’t let your skin dehydrate by providing and retaining the moisture. You can also massage that on the area for good blood circulation. Even applying it for a short amount of time can leave you with amazing results.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar is a natural exfoliator. It will provide all the benefits of a regular branded exfoliator which is removing dead skin cells, dirt and clean the deep pores of the sin. Sugar can be quite harsh if used alone. You can also use essential oils with it to create a more balanced solution.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder has amazing healing properties. You can apply it topically on the affected area and it will keep your skin clean. The best way to use turmeric powder is in a paste with an essential oil like coconut so you can see much better results.

Final Thoughts

One thing you should remember while dealing with such an issue is that it takes its sweet time to show results. And believe in the saying that “Time Heals Everything”. Using these remedies will not show a result overnight but you will see the progress gradually. The best part is that it won’t have any negative side effects also you will not break our bank by trying out any of the suggestions.
One thing to remember is that stretch marks are natural and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Self-love and acceptance are the best remedies which you can try and with them, it is guaranteed that you will see the results. This will not only give you more power, but it will also inspire others to be less critical of themselves.