Top 5 Beauty Gurus To Learn Makeup on YouTube

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I feel Beauty gurus are no less than a magician. The way they make someone look sultry or angelic just by using an Eyeshadow palette is nothing short of a magic trick in itself. Beauty gurus also create illusion just like a skilled magician they can change the shape of a face by contouring, make every feature on the face appear different with each new look sometimes the lip will go bigger and fuller where sometimes it will be cheekbones sharper than glass. There’s no denying this generation can do makeup better than all the previous ones and ALL HAIL TO BEAUTY GURUS OF YOUTUBE.
Below I have stated MY Top 5 Beauty Gurus on YouTube from whom I have learned a lot about makeup and what it can do when applied correctly.

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5. Kaushal Beauty

This channel has truly been a discovery for me. If you want to watch makeup tutorials where a girl is having fun by just playing around with her makeup, with no added theatrics then you should definitely check out her channel.

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 4. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is the pioneer of this whole beauty vlogger scene on Youtube. Right now she does not make YouTube videos anymore so you can’t watch her channel for NEW product reviews and tutorials but you can also learn a lot while watching her old videos. With her soothing voice and easy to explain style you are bound to learn a thing or two about makeup

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  3. James Charles

 If you want to learn the most Artistic makeup skills that can put both a magician and painter to shame then you subscribe to James Charles Channel. There is a reason why he was the first CoverBoy at just the age of 16 and one search about his YouTube videos will tell you that reason.

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2. Kathleen Lights 

 If summer, breeze, ocean would have been a person it definitely would be Kathleen. If you want to watch a beauty guru who is real AF and by real I mean a total Girl next door then Kathleen is your girl. Her videos will make you feel like a friend is casually talking to you about makeup. If you have zero tolerance for pretentiousness then do check her videos.

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1. Tati Westbrook

And finally, the person who piqued my interest in Makeup and what it can do Tati Westbrook.. First of all, you can just watch her videos on and on because of her soothing voice. Secondly, nobody does Product Reviews like her if a beauty product is Tati approved you better believe it’s worth your money. If you want Makeup tutorials that are not over-the-top artistic but can be done on an everyday basis to enhance your style then check out Tati videos you will not be disappointed. 

If you agree with the list do let me know and if not then comment on your Favorite Beauty Gurus and I promise I’ll check them out!