Review: Is Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil Smudge Free?

essence long lasting eye pencil

If you have been following this blog for some time, you know there’s nothing I like to review more than underrated brands. We have covered numerous brands which are now gaining the recognition they deserve like Focallure, Makeup Revolution, Dazz Matazz, and various others. Another makeup brand that I always wanted to write about is Essence. I have heard rave reviews about Essence from some of my friends now I decided to give it a try myself. Since I go through my Kohl eyeliners pretty quickly I decided to buy Essence’s Long Lasting Eye Pencil first.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil Review

If you live in a country like mine where the weather is humid most of the year then you know how important it is to use smudge-free Eyeliner. I have been disappointed by the performance of eyeliners of some of the biggest brands. They seem to work fine in the winter season but when I applied them during the summer season I got raccoon eyes and that’s a makeup disaster you want to avoid at all costs.

Application: One of the biggest advantages of automatic eye pencils is they can be used as eyeliner and eye pencils. Regular pencils cannot be used on eyelids due to their thickened tip. They end up making eyeliner look thick and rough. This isn’t the problem with Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil, you can easily use it in both ways.

Packaging: I received a black pencil that didn’t come in any box. Once you take off the cap, twist the front part of the pencil and the liner will appear. A word of advice, don’t twist too much to get all the eyeliner out as it can result in eye pencil material being broken.

Pigmentation: The reason why I like this eye pencil is that it’s highly pigmented. You won’t have to keep retracing to get the pitch dark color. You just need to apply one stroke and that’s it.

My Overall Experience

Out of many eye pencils I have ever used, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil was definitely on the better side. I initially used it without any other product that would help it stay in its place like a primer or setting spray. Without any setting product, it stayed for around 6 hours after that I noticed it smudged a little around my waterline though it wasn’t too bad. On my eyelid, though it didn’t budge so a great eyeliner for sure. However, you have to use it carefully on the eyelid because that’s where my tip broke twice. It’s could be due to the weather where everything’s just melting but to counter this I advise not pushing out all the product.


Extremely Affordable

Highly Pigmented

Does not smudge for about 5 to 6 hours

Does not evaporate

Doesn’t irritate


Tip breaks easily with just a little pressure

Won’t be good for a whole day-to-night look

Please let me know in the comments section below which brand’s eyeliner is your absolute favorite? Also, have you used any product of Essence? Suggest to me which brand you want me to try out next!