Best Heart Touching Love Letters For Him That Will Make Him Emotional

love letters for him

Most of the romantic aspects of a relationship are reserved for women but sometimes men also need to be reassured. What’s a better way to express that love than writing a love letter. The words you’ll write on a piece of paper will be etched in their memory for a long time. People who are in a long-distance relationship should definitely give this a try as their words will engulf their significant other like a warm hug in cold weather.

Without further ado, here are some heart-touching love letters for him that will make him so emotional that he might cry.

Romantic Love Letters For Him

My Love,

Sometimes I can’t believe that I was lucky enough to be destined with you. Not only do I get to be in love with but also got to keep you for the rest of my life. Men like you are so rare and I feel like I truly have been given the rarest of the gem. Your calm energy is what I need when things don’t go right, one hug from you, and every fiber of my being goes into the most peaceful place ever.

Dear Sweetheart,

When the first time I saw you I was convinced that you were the one for me. Getting to know you and being with you only proved that my first impression was right. When I look into your eyes everything around me just vanishes and for me, it’s just us who matters in that moment. You have made me feel the love that I thought was only possible in movies.

To My Lifeline,

Your thought is the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last too before I go to sleep. You came into my life when I least expected to find love. There was a time when I had lost all hope in love but darling you changed that all. I now cannot even imagine my life without you and I hope we become those old couples who truly share their lives with each other.


When I saw you I couldn’t believe someone could look like that. I’ll admit your looks first attracted me to you but your habits have made me go crazy for you. Sometimes, I worry that you don’t care about yourself as much as you care about others. But I can promise you no matter what I’ll be there to look after you. I know I am always a part of your good days but trust me, my love won’t be less for you even on your bad days.

love letters for him
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Enemies To Friends Love Letters For Him

To My Special One

I laugh at the fact that how when I first met you I couldn’t stand you. It was a real cliché how you were quite the playboy and I was a nerdy girl. When we first interacted I just thought you were putting moves on me. I did try to not think about you too much but then eventually I did see a more real side of you which made me feel something for the first time. From not liking you to can’t live life without you, I have surely come a long way.

To My World,

Have I ever told you what I thought about you when I first saw you? I and my best friend even had a nickname for you. Then one day you offered to help me and suddenly my feelings towards you changed. It was a small action but it had a deep impact on me. That day you put me into a trance which I am still not able to escape, not that I want to. I just hope you also fell as deep for me as I did for you.

Heartfelt Love Letters For Him

To my Dearest,

You know I realized today there’s nothing in the world I like more than the sound of your laughter. When I saw your child-like smile today, I swear the world stopped around me. I know this might sound too cheesy to you but I do really hope that you always keep smiling and I want to be the reason behind that smile.

To my sunshine,

I never knew what did it mean to be in a happy relationship before you came into my life. You not only accepted me with all my flaws but also loved me through my bad days. I learned from you what it means to love someone unconditionally. I never thought happy endings were meant for me but then you came into my life and all of that changed. I see the effort you have put into our relationship since the very first day and I have fallen harder for you after seeing your affectionate nature.

Nostalgic Love Letters For Him

Dearest Husband,

I was looking at our old pictures today and found a really special one. It was from our early days of dating and we were looking at each other with such love. Now years have passed and I am glad I still see the same adoring eyes every single day. I might have said it late but trust me I fell in love with you way before I uttered those words. We already have been together for years and yet the only thing I want is to spend even more years with you. From perfect boyfriend to the greatest husband, I am glad that I got to share the journey of my life with you.

Cute Love Letter For Him

To my baby,

Today I overheard some girls talking about the cute boy in their class and it took me back in time when I and my friends had a similar discussion about a certain “cute boy”. Well, in case you haven’t figured it out, it was you. You were wearing a black shirt and had that hairstyle which you now won’t even try as a dare. I thought about talking to you quite a few times but always chickened out at the last moment. Then one day, you talked to me and I am glad that we have been talking since then. You might not believe but even today I get butterflies when you are around me and I know I’d feel the same even when we’ll be 80.

Savage Love Letters For Him

Oh Boy!

So I have decided to try something different and I don’t want you teasing me about it later. Never in my life, I thought I’d be writing a love letter but here we are. Let’s just say I started understanding Taylor Swift’s love songs after you came into my life. Before you, I didn’t think I’d ever want to be with someone for more than a few months but after you all that changed. I wanted to know everything about your day and tell you about mine. Soon I started learning everything about you. It got to the point where I just knew if you’d like something or dislike it. I guess what I truly want to say is I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you and I just hope you know how important you are to me because you really are.

Hello Babe!

So I am doing this, I am finally writing a love letter. I swear my 13-year-old self is rolling eyes at me right now. But they say love can make you do crazy things so here I am doing this. You won’t believe this but when I first saw I just thought this guy is annoying. Over time I realized that annoyance was some other feeling that I couldn’t decipher at that time. To this day I thanks my lucky stars for bringing us together even when I was too blind to see how amazing we were together. We might not have started on a serious note but now I can seriously say that “you’re my lobster” 🙂

love letters for him
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Birthday Love Letters For Him

Dearest Birthday Boy,

Let me tell you about a wonderful human being who was born today some  “X” years ago. According to his mother, he was a cry baby and used to cry for every little thing. I am glad he changed that habit when I met him. You want to know more about the day I met him? Well it was a normal sunny day but then I saw him and whatever happens in movies started happening. Time turned slow, the weather became beautiful and there was also some faint piano music in the background. To put it simply, it was love at first sight. And since then my love has only increased for you. So from the bottom of my heart, May You Have The Happiest Of Birthday And I hope we keep celebrating this day together for a hundred more years to come.

Childhood Friends Love Letters For Him

To my Bestest Friend,

I have been in love with you since I couldn’t even spell it. You made my childhood so memorable and I was scared that my feelings would ruin our beautiful friendship. Earlier I thought I just liked you because were best friends but then when other people started coming into our equation I realized what I felt was much deeper. I still remember when I confessed to you and refused to look at you afterward. You held me tight and said those magical words back. They say lucky are those who find best friends in their lovers but I’d say I am luckier because I found a partner in my best friend. Love, I am really looking forward to being with you for the rest of my life.

Long-Distance Love Letter For Him

To my better half,

Even when you are not here, I feel your presence. I know the distance between us is big but our love is bigger than anything. All these obstacles in our relationship only tell me that you are worth it all. I remember how scared I was when I learned we’d have to be apart because of thousands of miles between us. I could see you were putting a brave front just to console me. I am glad we didn’t give up on each other and decided to stick through the tough times. All I can say is, come home soon, there’s a person there who has been waiting for you impatiently since you left.

Deep Emotionally Intense Love Letters For Him

To my soulmate,

We were two hurt souls when we met. I remember how wary I was of you when we met. Maybe our souls knew before we did that we needed each other to be healed. You have given me confidence that I never knew I was capable of. You taught me things without ever making me feel that I was dumb to never know them in the first place. My world was glooming in darkness when you came in like a bright light. You have brought colors to my dull life and I hope we keep being each other’s safe space forever.

Romantic Short Text Messages For Him

Letters might be too much for some people or they might only want to write them on special occasions so what should one do on regular days. For those a kind, loving text message is all your partner needs to read to make their day special. It’s the little compliments that can boost one’s confidence and can make them happy instantly. While gifts are expensive, compliments are free. Don’t be stingy with it and remind your partner frequently how amazing he is.

  1. I am so proud of how hard you have been working. Trust me that day is not far when you’d have achieved your dream. I promise I’ll be there to celebrate it with you.
  2. Baby, please take care of yourself. I understand for you, work is important but please know you are more important to me than anything else.
  3. I can’t even tell how much I am missing you right now. Then to counter this problem, I started watching our pictures. Well, that was a bad idea because now I am missing you even more.
  4. Hey! I love you <3

Hello Readers! I hope you liked this article, I tried something new with it. Please let me know in the comments below which letter is your favorite! Also if you can’t express yourself well don’t forget to read about how to make your communication skills good.